What? Mmm Hmm: Off the field distractions

What? Mmm Hmm: Off the field distractions
May 30, 2014, 1:30 am
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Does anyone really care what Johnny Manziel and Rob Gronkowski are doing off the field?

Is too much attention being paid to what guys are doing on their off days?

Tom E. Curran believes athletes should be mindful of what they are doing off the field.

"They're representing a franchise." said Curran. "People are interested in what they're doing. You have to take an interest in how you present yourself, because it's bigger than just you."

Mike Giardi doesn't really care what players are up to.

"What were they doing ten years ago before Twitter took off?" said Giardi. "They were doing the exact same thing, and nobody cared because nobody knew… If Johnny Manziel wants to go to Vegas, go to Vegas baby."