What did we learn: Super Bowl edition


What did we learn: Super Bowl edition

What did we learn from Super Bowl XLVII? Lots of things.

Mike Felger, Chris Price, and Kirk Minihane go over a few things they took away after the Niners beat the Ravens, 34-31.

The first, though, has to do with Joe Flacco. Whether you think he's Top 5 or Top 50, it doesn't matter. He's a Super Bowl champion and has proven that he can win late in the season -- and at the latest point in the season.

What about Jim Harbaugh? We learned for sure that he's a bit of a sore loser... He had nothing but complaints after losing the Super Bowl, and didn't take any blame for the play calling when the Niners had a chance to pull ahead in the final minutes.

The guys learned a lot more too, including something about the Patriots, so check out the video.