Welker reacts to Belichick's "dirty" charge

Welker reacts to Belichick's "dirty" charge
January 25, 2014, 1:30 am
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Bill Belichick made it clear that he thought Wes Welker's hit on Aqib Talib in the AFC Championship was dirty. 

The league disagreed and will not fine Welker for the play that knocked Talib out of the game. 

"I was never really worried about [getting fined]," said Welker.

What about Belichick's charge that Welker's hit was one of the worst plays the coach had seen?

"I don't really have any reaction," said Welker. "I was just happy we won the game and happy we're going to the Super Bowl."

How Belichick-ian of him...

"I think Wes Welker did what he needed to do," said Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran.

Welker treated the reaction as a non-issue and is moving on to more important issues.

As for the hit itself, Curran says the Competition Committee may discuss the issue of defenseless defenders at the upcoming Owner's Meetings and determine whether a rule change is in order.