Was Pats release of Tebow really a surprise?

Was Pats release of Tebow really a surprise?
September 1, 2013, 10:30 pm
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Albert Breer of the NFL Network and CSNNE Patriots insider Tom E. Curran join Mike Giardi on "Sports Sunday" to discuss the Patriots decision to cut Tim Tebow.

Neither was surprised that Tebow couldn't make the Pats final 53-man roster.

Breer said the numbers didn't add up to Tebow sticking around. "Once the decision was made to put Rob Gronkowski on roster, now you're down to 52 players, [backup quarterback] Ryan Mallett is not going to do much on game day, that gets you down to 51. Then you'd be asking the team to carry another guy who is basically useless on game day."

Curran quipped: "He's not just useless on game day, Albert."

Curran said Tebow "probably was the easiest cut for him to make. . . . Whatever dynamics or intangible he brings, when Bill Belichick says it's all about making the team better, anybody with two eyes and a working brain knows it's not making the team better."

The Tebow Summer really comes down to one question: Why? Was there ever a plan behind signing him?

"There was not a plan, but a hope," Curran said.

Said Breer: "In certain ways, it fascinated Belichick, the idea of trying."