Wakeup Call: No evidence of crime in Kaepernick case

Wakeup Call: No evidence of crime in Kaepernick case
April 11, 2014, 7:45 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Friday, April 11:


Michael Pineda couldn't have been more ham-handed about it last night. So listen up, Michael, as Jeff Passan presents the pitchers' guide to cheating. (Yahoo! Sports)

Well, that didn't work out. (AP)

Across town, the Giants may be having problems with their closer, too, though they're injury-, and not performance-, related. (CSN Bay Area)

Turns out their sweep of the Red Sox last weekend was just the beginning for the Brewers. (AP)

Stephen Strasburg rebounds from a poor first start by striking out 12 in 6 2/3 innings as the Nationals complete a three-game wipeout of the Marlins. (CSN Washington)

The White Sox snap their 14-game losing streak against the Indians. (AP)

At last year's trade deadline, the Red Sox sent Jose Iglesias to the Tigers, who sent Avisail Garcia to the White Sox, who sent Jake Peavy to Boston. (There were also minor-leaguers involved, but those were the principles in the deal.) Here it is, less than nine months later, and -- with Iglesias sidelined by shin splints and Garcia now out for the season because of a tear in his left shoulder -- Peavy's the only one still on the field. (AP)

Maybe it's true, Freddie. But, really, you shouldn't say it. Or at least you shouldn't say it to a big mouth like Chipper Jones. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

It's official: Matt Moore has a torn UCL. So now the question is, does he try to rehab it or does he undergo the surgery that will probably sideline him for 15 months? (Hardball Talk)

The Rangers are hoping Adrian Beltre's quad strain, which has him out of the lineup, won't force him to the DL. (AP)

Replay's just the first step. Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt wants to automate ball-and-strike calls, too. (Hardball Talk)

Some people in Portland have their eyes on the A's. (Hardball Talk)

Former Giant Darren Ford, now playing for the organization's Triple-A Fresno team, apparently avoids what could have been a devastating injury after diving head-first into a concrete wall attempting to catch a foul ball in a game at Salt Lake City. (CSN Bay Area)


Whoa: John Calipari compares the NCAA to the Soviet Union and, like the Evil Empire, he thinks it's "just a matter of time before it either [changes or ceases] to exist." (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

Zach Price's career at Missouri ends before it begins. (AP)

In today's installment of I'm Transferring . . . Somewhere, we have Michigan's Jon Horford. (AP)

Houston's top two scorers, TaShawn Thomas and Danuel House, want to transfer, but the school won't let them. So they're appealing. (AP)

Jerry Tarkanian's in the hospital. (AP)

She won nearly 350 games as Marquette's coach, and got the team into the postseason in 15 of her 18 seasons . . . including this one. But it wasn't enough for Terri Mitchell to keep her job. (AP)


Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, still suspended from the team, won't face charges over a suspected burglary "because of reluctant witnesses who fear retaliation and harassment for bringing a criminal complaint." (AP)

The more you learn about this incident, the uglier it gets. (NBC's College Football Talk)

Josh Harvey-Clemons, dismissed by Georgia in January following multiple issues with the coaching staff and the school, is transferring to Louisville, according to his grandfather. (College Football Talk)

Sometimes you can only wonder what goes through people's heads. (College Football Talk)

Um, Maryland? You think playing in the Big Ten is easier than playing in the ACC? And Rutgers? You think playing in the Big Ten is easier than playing in the American Athletic Conference? Are you mad? (AP)

UNLV's failures to meet the minimum Academic Progress Rate score means the Rebels are ineligible for the Mountain West championship game or a bowl berth in 2014. (AP)


Forget what's happening on the course at Augusta National. Three-month-old Isaiah Tesori is the real champion at this year's Masters. (Yahoo! Sports)

That young guy who shot a 70 and looks lot like Craig Stadler? He's the Walrus' son, Kevin. As for the Walrus himself, well, he didn't do as well. (AP)

Don't feel bad, Craig. Lefty didn't exactly tear up the course, either. (AP)

Nor did Jason Dufner. (Yahoo! Sports)


The Maple Leafs -- whose Stanley Cup drought is now at 47 years (not the 45 that the story claims) -- are ready to hand the keys of the entire operation, and not just the hockey part of it, to NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan. And you know what? It might not be a bad idea. (Yahoo! Sports)

When the Blues spent months running roughshod over the league, a Central Division championship seemed to be the least of the things they'd accomplish this year. Yet here's the regular season in its final days and the Avalanche are now in first place. (AP)

Things just couldn't be worse in St. Louis. The Blues lose their four straight, Ryan Miller has started doing a Swiss-cheese imitation -- last night was the third straight game in which he's allowed four goals -- and T.J. Oshie is now day-to-day after being crushed by the Wild's goon, Mike Rupp, who gets a match penalty for intent to injure. (AP)

The Rangers clinch home ice in the first round of the playoffs. (AP)

But the Islanders, of all people, hurt the Canadiens' chances for the same thing. (AP)

The Flyers can no longer get home ice and now, in fact, may slip to the wild card . . . and a first-round matchup with the Bruins. (CSN Philly)

The Predators stay alive in the playoff hunt, and all but kill the Coyotes' chances. (AP)

Well, Bruce, don't you think you'd better figure out pretty soon who your starting goalie will be, since the playoffs start next week? (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)


Oscar Pistorius is getting hammered by the prosecutor during his murder trial, and there's no end in sight. (Yahoo! Sports)


Mike Woodson can see the handwriting on the wall, and that handwriting looks an awful lot like the Zen Master's. (Yahoo! Sports)

Doc Rivers is willing to admit Kevin Durant is the NBA's MVP, but -- sorry, LeBron -- thinks his own Blake Griffin should be second in the voting. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

The Spurs beat the Mavs and are now one win -- or one Thunder loss -- away from clinching top seed in the West. (AP)

With a week left in the season, the playoff picture is beginning to take shape. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Warriors are going to the playoffs and the Nuggets are going nowhere, but Denver pulls off quite the thrilling victory over Golden State. (AP)

Looks like the Pacers are staying in Indianapolis. (AP)

The Spurs, Cavs, Heat, Nets and Kings are heading overseas for preseason games next fall. (Pro Basketball Talk)


So we know 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 49ers receiver Quinton Patton, and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockett are suspects. But suspected of what? That, we don't know. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

And one of the reasons we don't know is that initial reports were "taken out of context," according to the Miami police. (Pro Football Talk)

In fact, the cops say there's no evidence of any crime, much less a sexual assault. (Yahoo! Sports)

Former Patriots receiver Austin Collie is working out with the Redskins. (Pro Football Talk)

Some people are comparing Jadeveon Clowney to Lawrence Taylor. Carl Banks thinks those people are nuts. (Pro Football Talk)

Eli Manning is having surgery on his left ankle, but he should be ready for training camp. (AP)

The Niagara Falls Bills?? (AP)

Or maybe it'll be the Toronto Bills, if Bill Belichick pal Jon Bon Jovi wins the bidding. (Pro Football Talk)

Jimmy Graham may not be signed by the April 22 deadline for Graham to file a grievance arguing that he should be franchise tagged as a wide receiver instead of as a tight end, but the Saints remain optimistic they'll sign him before training camp. (Pro Football Talk)

Why, Muhammad? Why? (Pro Football Talk)


Now that they've finished with the friendlies, the U.S. women's team can get on with the business of finding a new coach. (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk)


Ex-NFL star Shawne Merriman "[joins] the WWE family." Do they have a blood ceremony like the mob, I wonder? (NBC's Pro Football Talk)