Wakeup Call: A million times, no

Wakeup Call: A million times, no
June 17, 2014, 8:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, June 17:


R.I.P., Ray Fox. (AP)


A great player, a great person: That was Tony Gwynn. (Yahoo! Sports)

And a great artist, says Joe Posnanski. (nbcsports.com)

One thing I bet you didn't know about Gwynn: He probably ushered in the era of video analysis by hitters, as he was one of the very first to study video of opposing pitchers as well as his own swing. (Yahoo! Sports)

Here are 19 incredible stats about No. 19. (Yahoo! Sports)

Gwynn attributed his cancer -- which is what killed him at age 54 -- to chewing tobacco. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

As expected, the Phillies place outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. on the bereavement list after the death of his father. (AP)

The Orioles' postseason hopes take a hit, as it's announced Matt Wieters needs Tommy John surgery and will miss the rest of the season. (CSN Baltimore)

Didn't recognize that No. 2 taking batting practice last night for the Indians? It was the Cavs' Kyrie Irving. (AP)

For the first time in history, the Mets had a pitcher batting eighth last night. (Hardball Talk)

Don't look now, but the Royals -- after their 11-8 win in Detroit -- are only a half-game behind the Tigers. (AP)

Old "friend" Carl Crawford -- we liked him, or at least we did at first, but he wasn't too crazy about us -- hits a snag in his comeback from an ankle injury. (Hardball Talk)

Our real friend, Bronson Arroyo, is placed on the DL. (AP)

Pete Rose still thinks he has a shot at being reinstated by Bud Selig . . . and he might be right. (Hardball Talk)


Anthony Hickey, LSU's starting point guard for the last three seasons, is transferring to Oklahoma State -- in need of a point guard after Marcus Smart skipped town -- and will be eligible to play immediately. (AP)

Florida A&M has a new coach: Byron Samuels. (AP)

Mike Bray may be the new boy in the ACC, but that's not stopping the Notre Dame coach from pushing the league to expand its regular-season schedule to 20 games. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

Former Oklahoma State basketball player Darrell Williams, accused of sexually assaulting two women at an off-campus party in 2010, will not be retried after an appeals court tossed out his conviction. Williams never served any jail time after being found guilty in 2012, but was required to register as a sex offender. (AP)


Oregon redshirt freshman wide receiver Devon Allen says football comes first over track . . . even though he just set a collegiate record for the NCAA Championships when he won the 110-meter hurdles in 13.16 seconds. (AP)

San Jose State linebacker Jared Leaf, severely burned in a fire at his apartment on April 23, is released from the hospital and says he hopes to play football again, though "only time will tell" if he'll be able to do so. (AP)

Will Mahone, facing three felony charges after an incident in his home state of Ohio last weekend, is suspended indefinitely by Notre Dame. (NBC's College Football Talk) 

And it's not surprising, because some of the details of his arrest are shocking. (CSN Chicago)

If the NCAA paid athletes, Iowa's Kevonte Martin-Manley could hire a housekeeper . . . and he'd have avoided this citation. (College Football Talk)


You wouldn't know it from watching Martin Kaymer this weekend, but Pinehurst No. 2 was a worthy test in the U.S. Open. (AP)

For the first time in more than 60 years, the British Open is returning to Northern Ireland. (AP)


Alain Vigneault says the Rangers, who just lost in five games to the Kings, are closer to winning the Stanley Cup than his Canucks -- who lost in seven to the Bruins and had two chances, in Games 6 and 7, to close things out -- were in 2011. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

Maybe that'll make his players feel better in the days and weeks to come. Right now, though, they're still pretty disappointed. (AP)

I guess they don't have duckboats in Los Angeles . . . but whatever they have, they were out yesterday as the Kings paraded through downtown with the Stanley Cup. (AP)

Yep, that was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio singing "I Love L.A." on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" last night. That's what happens when you lose your Cup bet to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. (AP)

The Blackhawks are parting ways with Michael Handzus. (Pro Hockey Talk)

But the Canadiens are closing in on a multiyear deal with Dale Weise. (Pro Hockey Talk)

The bloom may be off the outdoor-game rose, as it appears the NHL will have only two of them next year. (Pro Hockey Talk)


You may think A. Sherrod Blakely is off base, but consider: LeBron James (and his wife) loves Los Angeles, he's close with Chris Paul, and he admires Doc Rivers. (First story csnne.com, second story NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Chris Bosh hopes Sherrod is off base, because he wants the Heat to stay together. (AP)

But they may lose Birdman. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Don't think this was the last gasp for the Spurs. Even if Tim Duncan retires, they should remain a contender. (AP)

However, the cast of characters might be different. (Yahoo! Sports)

There are doubters, though. The Bovada, for one, doesn't think they'll win again next year. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

I bet ABC hopes they do, because San Antonio's victory was a hit with TV viewers. (AP)

The Bulls would like to surprise both the Bovada and ABC, as they're attempting to improve their roster "at almost any cost." (Pro Basketball Talk)

Gotta love those Sixers. In their endless quest to alienate what fans they have left, they a) refuse to make Andrew Wiggins available to speak when he comes to town for a workout, and b) have security eject media and fans who gathered to talk to/see Wiggins. (CSN Philly)

And the hits just keep on coming in Philadelphia, as Nerlens Noel is engaged in a very public spat with a woman who accuses him of being a deadbeat dad. (CSN Philly)

Kobe Bryant laughs off the insult that Jurgen Klinsmann threw Bryant's way in attempting to defend his decision to leave Landon Donovan off the U.S. World Cup team. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Suns plan to be proactive with Eric Bledsoe. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Pelicans are trying to work out a sign-and-trade with the Pistons for Greg Monroe. (Pro Basketball Talk)

More Pelicans news: Eric Gordon says he's coming along just fine from knee surgery. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Supreme Court declines to reinstate Scottie Pippen's defamation lawsuit against several media companies -- including the mother ship -- for incorrectly reporting he had filed for bankruptcy. (AP)


Andre Johnson is serious about not wanting to play for the Texans: Boycotting the OTAs is costing him $1 million. (CSN Houston)

Ex-Patriot Will Yeatman, however, has no such concerns. (CSN Houston)

DeSean Jackson's abrupt release got the attention of the rest of the Eagles, according to LeSean McCoy . . . and that's probably just what Chip Kelly wanted. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Dallas Clark signs a one-day contract with Indianapolis so he can retire as a Colt. Whatever floats your boat . . . (AP)

Speaking of former Colts, Marvin Harrison was shot at last week in Philadelphia. But -- like the incident in 2008, when someone was killed by a gun he owned -- he says he was an innocent bystander. (Pro Football Talk)

Former Cowboys running back Marion Barber is taken to a hospital for mental observation after police respond to a disturbance call in Mansfield, Texas. (Pro Football Talk)

You mean George Seifert wasn't already in the 49ers' Hall of Fame? (CSN Bay Area)

The NFL launches what lawyer Mike Florio describes as a "clumsy effort to defend [its] blackout rule." (Pro Football Talk)


She said yes! Good thing, what with all those cameras and people around. (Yahoo! Sports)

Receiving a marriage proposal during a World Cup match may have been Jennifer Buzan's dream come true, but scoring the game-winning goal in the 80th minute was John Brooks'. Literally. (Yahoo! Sports)

The stars came out -- on Twitter -- in support of the U.S. during and after its victory over Ghana. (Yahoo! Sports)

The win, however, comes at a cost. Jozy Altidore's severe hamstring strain may knock him out for the rest of the tournament, and Clint Dempsey broke his nose. (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk)

Pepe's ill-advised head butt not only got him kicked out of Portugal's one-sided loss to Germany, but it will also keep him out against the United States on Sunday. (Yahoo! Sports)

Wondering why Steven Beitashour -- born and raised in San Jose, Calif., and who plays in MLS for Vancouver -- is on Iran's roster? Here's why. (Yahoo! Sports)


Tommy Haas needs a fourth operation on his right shoulder and will miss the rest of the season. (AP)

And David Ferrer, suffering from stomach problems, may miss Wimbledon. (AP)


A 10-year-old runs a 5:01 mile. (NBC's Olympic Talk)