Wakeup Call: Gonzalez goes to CBS, not Gillette

Wakeup Call: Gonzalez goes to CBS, not Gillette
February 19, 2014, 9:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, February 19:


So, apparently, Scott Boras is still demanding $14 million per for Stephen Drew. And you were wondering why Drew is still unemployed? (NBC's Hardball Talk)

We look back on last October with great fondness, but the Cardinals . . . ah, not so much. And they say they're going to use that bad memory as motivation this year. (AP)

Old friend Marco Scaturo isn't sure his back problems are behind him, if you'll forgive the pun. (CSN Bay Area)

Robbie Cano? "It can't get any more exciting, doncha know!" gushes one Mariners fan watching Cano's first workout with Seattle. All right, all right; he never said "doncha know." (AP)

Cano's former hitting coach on the Yankees, Kevin Long, had some not-so-nice things to say about him yesterday. So now his new manager, Lloyd McClendon, has some not-so-nice things to say about Long. (Hardball Talk)

And Cano? He's ignoring the whole thing. (Yahoo! Sports)

Yu Darvish figured that, because he was laughing and smiling when he said it, everyone would know his comments about the Yankees overpaying for countryman Masahiro Tanaka were a joke. But they didn't -- you know how social media can be -- so he had to issue an apology. (Yahoo! Sports)

Talk about stepping into big shoes . . . (AP)

The Pirates still have their eye on Ike Davis. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

And apparently the Twins still have theirs on their old ace, Johan Santana. (Hardball Talk)

Not everyone in Los Angeles will get to watch the Dodgers on TV this year, not unless things change. (Hardball Talk)

In Cuba, they really take things into their own hands when they're hit by a pitch. (AP)


Unbeaten but not invulnerable: That's how Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim describes his top-ranked team. (AP)

It was Andrew Wiggins to the rescue for No. 8 Kansas last night. (AP)

Melvin Ejim, DeAndre Kane and Georges Niang combined for 67 of No. 17 Iowa State's 85 points, but coach Fred Holberg still thinks the Cylcones' 85-76 win over No. 19 Texas was "a total team effort." (AP)

Despite games on the horizon against arch-rival North Carolina and No. 1 Syracuse, No. 5 Duke was able to maintain its focus last night against Georgia Tech. (AP)

As did No. 6 San Diego State, which dispatched Utah State while awaiting a big Saturday matchup against New Mexico. (AP)

A late 24-6 run saves No. 14 Virginia from suffering an embarrassing loss to to a 9-16 Virginia Tech team. (AP)

I have a friend at my former newspaper who keeps track of the weird reasons that games are postponed. Now, after this incident at Indiana, he can add "ppd., falling metal" to his list. (CSN Chicago)

Getcha popcorn ready: It's going to be quite the weekend. (Yahoo! Sports)


Gus Malzahn -- who runs a very successful uptempo offense at Auburn -- says there's "absolutely zero documented evidence that it is hazardous to [speed up] the pace of play, only opinions," and wants the NCAA Rules Committee to table the slow-down proposal until there's been more study of the issue. (AP)

Georgia safety Josh Harvey-Clemons, who missed the Bulldogs' Gator Bowl loss to Nebraska following his second suspension of the season, is dismissed from the team. (AP)

Clemson's also losing a safety, as Ronald Geohaghan decides to transfer. No word yet as to where he's going. (AP)

New Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason indefinitely suspends assistant coach Vavae Tata, who's been charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. (AP)


It's Vijay Singh 1, PGA 0, in the early innings of Singh's lawsuit. (AP)

The Match Play Championships are about to begin, and here are five things you need to know. (AP)


The T.J. Oshie/Ilya Kovalchuk shootout showdown in the U.S.-Russia game was great theatre, but don't expect the NHL to change its rules to allow for just one shooter after a certain number of tries. (Yahoo! Sports)

However, that game will produce one rule change: The IIHF will adapt NHL policies regarding the net coming off its moorings, so travesties like a goal being disallowed because the net was moved by about two centimeters -- which cost the Russians the victory -- will no longer occur. (Yahoo! Sports)

Here are five reasons why the NHL will remain in the Olympics in 2018. (Yahoo! Sports)

That puck to the face of Predators' GM David Poile was a lot more serious than we first thought. (AP)

The acrimonious divorce between Linus Omark and the Sabres is finalized. (AP)


On second thought . . . (nbcolympics.com)

Ted Ligety gives the U.S. Alpine team its first gold of the Games. (Yahoo! Sports)

Bode Miller withdraws from the giant slalom because of knee issues, and it may be the end of his Olympic career. (Yahoo! Sports)

Ashley Wagner's planned route to gold in women's figure skating involves transforming herself into a "horrible, horrible human being." (Yahoo! Sports)

They say the couple that snowboards together, stays together. In the case of U.S.-born Vic Wild, who now competes for Russia after marrying Alena Zavarzina, they also medal together. (nbcolympics.com)


The Lakers and the Mavs, among others I'm sure, are interested in Kevin Love, but there's no indication the Timberwolves will move him before the deadline. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Is old friend Jason Terry on the move again? (Pro Basketball Talk)

Isaiah Thomas -- the son -- may also be on the block. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Different kind of trade deadline in Rockets Nation: This time around the team is in contention and thus is a buyer and not a seller. (CSN Houston) 

In New Orleans, Eric Gordon is pleading with the Pelicans, who really aren't in contention in the hyper-competitive Western Conference, not to be sellers. (AP)

But no question about the Sixers, who have a "Make us an offer!" sign blinking at halfcourt (CSN Philly)

Doc's Clippers are looking for frontline help. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The second half of the season begins as a repeat of the first, with LeBron James leading the Heat to a victory. (AP) 

Another continuation of the first half: The Cavs remain hot . . . though, to be fair, it's tough to be cold when you're playing Philadelphia. (AP)

A "variety of maladies" -- variety of maladies?? -- will sideline the Spurs' Tony Parker "for the foreseeable future." That's the word from Gregg Popovich, who, I must say, talks different than most coaches. (Yahoo! Sports)

Yeah, but who needs Parker? (AP)

Wonder what Popovich will say if the rumors are true and Tim Duncan actually retires. (Pro Basketball Talk)

The Blazers have a much more defined time frame for LaMarcus Aldridge's absence. (AP)

Not so the Warriors on Andrew Bogut, whose absence just might derail their season. (CSN Bay Area)


Forget those Tony Gonzalez-to-Foxboro fantasies. He's headed to CBS, replacing both Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

If you're looking for the NFL to use the replay system to review penalties, forget it. (Pro Football Talk)

DeAngelo Hall gets his reward from the Redskins. (CSN Washington)

Memo to all NFL teams: Remove "Are you gay?" from your Combine questionnaire. (AP)

And on that topic: Kerry Rhodes is sure that the rumors that he's gay, something he's denied, is not the reason he's unemployed. (Pro Football Talk)

The Rams have no problem saying Sam Bradford's their quarterback. What they won't do is commit to a new contract. (Pro Football Talk)

The Titans also have no problem saying Jake Locker's their quarterback. (Pro Football Talk)

No, not that Chris Matthews. (Pro Football Talk)

Warren Sapp spills the beans about the Bucs deciding to change their helmets. (Pro Football Talk)

There's a woman -- and she's not a kicker, nor is she a 200-pound behemoth -- playing in the Indoor Football League. (Pro Football Talk)


Serena Williams struggles, but wins her first-round match at the Dubai Championships as she recovers from her back injury. (AP)

Rafael Nadal is also getting over a back problem -- one that may have cost him the Australian Open championship -- but he has a much easier time in his return to action. (AO)

Former top-five player Todd Martin is the new CEO of the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport. (AP)