Volin: Why carrying 3 QBs is bad idea for Patriots

Volin: Why carrying 3 QBs is bad idea for Patriots
August 20, 2014, 8:00 am
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Will it be Jimmy Garoppolo, Ryan Mallett or both?

Many wonder who will win the backup quarterback battle and if the Patriots will hang on to all three quarterbacks.

Ben Volin joined Sports Tonight to explain why he wouldn't keep all three quarterbacks.

"They have so many depth needs at wide receiver, linebacker, offensive line. It is really tempting to leave Mallett off the team," said Volin. "Last year was the perfect example. You needed that 53rd guy at defensive tackle and you needed that guy at  linebacker and offensive line. You need those depth guys in positions that are week. I just don't think they need three quarterbacks."

If Garoppolo wins the backup role, what will the Patriots do with Ryan Mallett?

"I'm sure they'd love to get a sixth or seventh round pick," said Volin. "But if no one's taking him… I mean, they cut Brian Hoyer a few years ago and everyone was talking up him, and they outright released him. Why can't they do that to Mallett?"