Troy Brown: Poor showing, but Pats will take it

Troy Brown: Poor showing, but Pats will take it
September 8, 2013, 5:15 pm
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A win is a win, right?

That's how the Patriots have to look at Week 1's 23-21 win over the Buffalo Bills, a game that in all honesty they probably shouldn't have won. The offense looked pretty sloppy at times, as Tom Brady tried to get on the same page with his young receivers, and the offense tried to hold onto the ball.

Mike Felger, Troy Brown, and Mike Flynn break it down.

"I think if you look at it with the glass half full you have to say that this young Patriots team did fight and finish the game and found a way to win this," Brown said. "You have to look at it from a bright perspective for this football team. But overall, I thought it was just a poor performance by this Patriots team, especially offensively, not being able to get on track and stay on track consistently throughout the course of this game. But it is the first game of the season, it is what it is, and I'm sure the Patriots will take this as a win, get on the bus and pack it up and get ready for Thursday."

Flynn notes the "growing pains" for the Patriots offense that were pretty apparent from the start. But one receiver stepped up to the occasion down the stretch.

"They made the plays. Amendola wearing that No. 80 very well I might say, and making some tough catches over the middle, and playing in pain," Brown said. "So you can say what you want about this guy being fragile or whatever it is, he came back out there and played with a pulled groin, and made some huge, huge catches for this football team and that's the reason why he's here and why he's wearing No. 80."