Trash Talk: Concerned about Pats WR's already?

Trash Talk: Concerned about Pats WR's already?
September 11, 2013, 8:45 pm
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In the days following the first week of the regular season, overreaction runs rampant.

Teams that looked great are suddenly Super Bowl contenders and unexpectedly poor efforts from quality teams may provide fans harrowing clues that a playoff appearance is not in the offing.

It is but one week though, and plenty of time remains to shore up how exactly these teams' hopes will pan out.

That brings us to an interesting point about the Patriots: the receivers collectively slogged in a horrendous effort in week one, so is there reason to be petrified about an offensive drop-off or do these guys just need time to gel?

That was the debate waged between Andy Hart and Paul Perillo of "Patriots Football Weekly."

Even after one game, Hart is already ringing the alarm bell.

"I don't know how any sane-minded observer cannot be more worried [about this receiving corps] today than what they were a couple of weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago, we had Danny Amendola making plays and he's healthy and we has Kenbrell Thompkins looking like the most consistent of the rookies," Hart said. "Flash forward to this Sunday, we have Danny Amendola limping around on a bad groin, admittedly making plays, but it looks like he won't be able to play now for a little bit, Kenbrell Thompkins looking like the spot was just too big for him, and no one else did anything."

Doom and gloom a bit for sure, but Perillo was not of the same mind. 

He noted that expectations were too high to start off the season, and that time and patience is necessary when it comes to pondering this receiving corps' prospects.

"I didn't expect it to be perfect in week one. There's a long way to go. Listen, if it looks like it did on Sunday say in week 9 or week 10, then I'll sit there and waive the white flag and give you the victory," Perillo said. "Right now, I expect Thompkins to be a better player. He got his feet wet, he looked like an undrafted rookie on Sunday…I think he'll be better than that." 

Who do you agree with here? Are you worried like Hart or keeping on the bandwagon like Perillo? Offer up your opinion in the comments section.