Thornton: Jets are a bunch of perverts

Thornton: Jets are a bunch of perverts
October 18, 2013, 9:15 pm
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Jerry Thornton from Barstool Sports joins Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti to discuss Sunday's game between the Patriots and Jets.

Whenever you talk about the relationship between the Patriots and Jets you're bound to hear some choice words, some "yo-momma" jokes, or the obligatory shot at Rex Ryan's predilection for pedicures. But when Thornton, Felger and Mazz get together, you can bet that the dialogue would make a nun blush.

Responding to a report that Ryan may or may not have instructed his players not to have sex in the week leading up to their showdown with the Patriots (presumably channeling his inner Mickey Goldmill) Thornton issued the following characterization:

"[The Jets are] a roster full of perverts."

Thornton goes on to jab players such as Antonio Cromartie, who has 12 kids with eight different women, and Ryan's well-documented foot fetish.

If the Jets are willing to tell their spouses to take a hike for a week in order to beat the Patriots, Thornton says the Pats should be afraid.

"[The Jets are] coming and they're bringing all hell with them."

Of course, the entire conversation oozes with sarcasm and crude humor, but you get the point. The Jets and Patriots don't like each other, and Rex Ryan is willing to go so far as to take a week off from playing "this little piggy went to market" if it helps him beat Bill Belichick on Sunday.