Thornton on Gronk, X-Men & 'terrifying' Saints

Thornton on Gronk, X-Men & 'terrifying' Saints
October 11, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Jerry Thornton from Barstool Sports joins Felger & Mazz to discuss the latest on Rob Gronkowski and Sunday's showdown with the high-powered New Orleans Saints.

As Michael Felger points out, it's been almost 11 months since Gronk first broke his arm, an injury that Mazz says "every 12-year-old boy has suffered at some point in his life." So should we be concerned that something is seriously wrong with Gronk? Is there something wrong with his competitive spirit to get back on the field? Is it something else?

"I wanted to wake up today to another Gronk injury update like I wanted to hear news on Bruce Jenner's divorce," said Thornton. "I would rather have listened to Bruce Jenner and Miley Cyrus talk about the government than one more word about this. I am so Gronk-injuried out.

"When they did the first procedure, there was, I imagine, a consult… I imagine people talked about it and they discussed it with Gronk's people. They didn't just kidnap him like Brian Cox did to Wolverine in the X-Men movie and drag him out into some forest and start putting metal in his arm. There was a plan in place which I assume was to try to get him on the field… it's horribly frustrating. We're practically to Halloween and we're wondering if he's going to see the field."

The Patriots could certainly use a healthy Gronk back on the field, perhaps more so on Sunday than in any other game to this point in the season. When last the Patriots and Saints met, Drew Brees put up one of the most impressive passing performances in NFL history, throwing for 371 yards, five touchdowns and a perfect passer rating, in a 38-17 Saints victory.

"The Saints team just terrifies me," said Thornton. "I'm institutionally terrified of Drew Brees and everything about him."

The Patriots will try to hand the Saints their first loss of the season on Sunday, with or without Gronk.