Texans' Smith accuses Patriots of 'spying on us'

Texans' Smith accuses Patriots of 'spying on us'
December 1, 2013, 6:45 pm
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It's been six years, but many (most?) NFL fans haven't forgotten Spygate. If you're skeptical, just check the comments section of most any Patriots story on the Internet.

Now it turns out some players -- or at least one -- haven't forgotten, either.

After the Patriots had shredded his defense for 27 second-half points Sunday in their come-from-behind 34-31 victory, Texans defensive end Antonio Smith all but accused the Pats of stealing the Texans' signals. Well, actually, he did accuse them of cheating; he just tried his hardest not to use the exact words.

“You can tell they changed their scheme in the second half,” Smith said of the Patriots, as quoted in the Houston Chronicle. “It’s miraculous they changed some things on offense that keyed on what we put on this week to stop what they were doing. They did things they never did all year before. It was a specific thing that was important to what we were going to do today, as to how we were going to call the defense. We’d not ever did it before, and they never changed like that before. It just let me know that something wasn’t right.

“Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are among the best at their craft because they work so hard at their craft. But you have to be a descendent of ‘Tones-tradamus’ to know what we put in this week to be able to change that fast. I got the only crystal ball in existence. I don’t know what it is.

"Either teams are spying on us or something’s going on.”