Stevie Johnson calls out Patriots' secondary

Stevie Johnson calls out Patriots' secondary
September 2, 2013, 8:00 pm
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Let the trash talk begin…

Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills is pretty confident going into Sunday's matchup against the New England Patriots. He believes the Patriots will not be able to stop him.

"I don't think they got nobody that can stop me, for real.  They're athletic, I give a lot of credit to the New England Patriots."

What is Johnson thinking making a remark like that?  Tom E. Curran believes Johnson is living in the past.

"He's thinking he's going up against the same fleet of cornerbacks and secondary players that he's seen over the last several years." said Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran, "Interestingly though, the Patriots acquired Aqib Talib the week after Stevie Johnson and the Bills last played New England.  So he might not be up to date on the personnel.  He might not know that Aqib Talib radically changed the coverage ability on the back end..."