Sterling controversy's effect on Redskins name

Sterling controversy's effect on Redskins name
May 1, 2014, 9:45 pm
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In the wake of the Donald Sterling situation, the question of racism and sports can be turned to the NFL, specifically the Washington Redskins nickname.'s Mike Florio, a guest on Quick Slants, said the two situations aren't exactly parallel.

"It's a little bit different because this nickname has been hiding in plain sight for decades," said Florio. "Society is kind of catching up just to the basic question of whether this is an appropriate name to continue to have in place."

And as the conversation increases regarding the nickname, it should gain the attention of the league.

"What the NFL has to ask itself -- particularly in the wake of the Donald Sterling fiasco -- is whether the NFL is comfortable having on of its thirty-two teams carry a name that reasonable minds can differ on the question of whether it's blatantly racist. And I think we're at a point now, and we've gotten to a point over the last year, where it is a subject for reasonable debate."

"How long does the NFL want that debate front-and-center -- and it's going to continue to be front-and-center -- on the NFL radar?"

Washington owner Daniel Snyder has shown no willingness to make a change. But if it does happen, it won't come freely, according to Florio.

"Whether it's getting a Super Bowl for the D.C. region, whether it's getting help in the construction of a new stadium. Daniel Snyder has something that someone else wants him to give up. And I think before he ever gives it up, he's going to find a way to turn that into a positive for him. That's just business, that happens all the time in every form of industry in every shape and form. It seems a little crass when we're talking about bargaining and selling off a [potentially racist] nickname, but I think when change happens it will happen in a way where everybody saves face, everybody saves something."