Stallworth's perspective on the greatness of Brady, Brees


Stallworth's perspective on the greatness of Brady, Brees

FOXBORO -- Two of the best quarterbacks in the league took the practice field in Tuesday's joint session between the Patriots and Saints. Donte' Stallworth has had the chance to catch passes from both during his career, and he praised both Tom Brady and Drew Brees for their elite accuracy and timing when throwing to receivers.

"As I've gotten older, the best thing for all receivers, both of those guys they throw the ball right out of your breaks," Stallworth said. "As a receiver, that's all you can ask for. There's not much separation in the NFL, but when you do, those guys throw the ball right on point and it gives you a chance to do some running after the catch. That's what both of those guys do really well."

Stallworth was drafted by the Saints in 2002 and spent four seasons with the team. On Tuesday, he was visibly giddy to see some of his pals from New Orleans before practice got underway. At one point, he danced to the music blaring over the Gillette loudspeakers with a member of the Saints coaching staff.

"It's good to see old friends," Stallworth said. "A couple of these guys I haven't seen in years. Me and Will Smith have been good friends ever since he was drafted by the Saints and I was there so I see him all the time. I hadn't seen Lance Moore in a while, haven't seen Drew in a while. I seen Lance and Drew in the weight room yesterday and had a chance to spend a little time with those guys and talk to them and catch up so it's always good to see some old friends, good buddies."

As he enjoyed their company, he also enjoyed the training camp show put on by Brady and Brees. He'll have another chance to watch them go to work on Wednesday as the teams go through the second of their joint practices.

"It's two of the best of all time on the field at the same time," Stallworth said. "To see those guys go to work and actually catching passes from both of those guys at one time throughout the duration of my career, it's been amazing to be able to watch those guys go to work during the regular season."