Sporting News: Brady 8th of QBs still in playoffs

Sporting News: Brady 8th of QBs still in playoffs
January 10, 2014, 8:00 am
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Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News ranked the remaining playoff quarterbacks and Tom Brady comes up at the bottom of his list, which goes like this:

Tied for 1) Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson; 4) Drew Brees; 5) Cam Newton; Tied for 6) Phillip Rivers and Colin Kaepernick; 8) Brady.

On Sports Tonight, Rob "Hardy" Poole of 98.5 The Sports Hub and Ben Volin of the Boston Globe beg to differ.

Volin wrote a column in the Globe that put Brady at No. 1. "I think Vinny Iyer did a great job of calling a lot of attention to himself today," Volin said. "Three number ones? Be a little more decisive than that."

Said Hardy: "If you're an NFL player and you can pick one quarterback to go into the playoffs with, you're really going to pick Andrew Luck? Russell Wilson? You're going to pick Tom Brady. Peyton Manning's in the conversation. Drew Brees is in the conversation."

Host Michael Felger points out that Brady is 7-7 in the playoffs since starting 10-0. "The last time Tom Brady has played two good postseason games back-to-back was 2004," Felger said.

Still want him at number one? Felger asks.