Spikes on social media: 'It's a free country'

Spikes on social media: 'It's a free country'
April 22, 2014, 6:15 pm
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The former Patriot met the Buffalo media this week, on hand for the start of voluntary workouts.

Asked about his recent Twitter invective directed toward Patriots fans and his time in New England, Spikes said, "It's a free country. That's what Twitter is for. I use it just to interact with my fans. ... People are gonna love you. People are gonna hate you. I just know how to be myself." 

Spikes’ Twitter tweaking doesn’t come with a lot of forethought, it seems. He wants a reaction and knows how to obtain one.

"Everybody got a theme. You gotta respect that," he said. "I got a big mouth, I talk a lot of trash. I feel like I can back it up. ... If I can get in a guy's head, I'll take advantage of it.

"You've seen a lot of the greats do it, with Floyd [Mayweather] and [Muhammad] Ali," he said. "I'm not saying on their level, but hey they personally might use it the same way. For me, it just gives me that edge."  

Spikes skipped last year’s offseason workouts with the Patriots, feeling he was better served working out in Florida. Now?

“This offseason program, I'm all in. I'll be here all day, trying to get better. It just feels right. I've always been the type to embrace challenges."

Bills’ second-year coach Doug Marrone said of Spikes, "I like his personality. I have no issues at all with his personality."

Marrone has no issues with Spikes’ use of social media either.

"Obviously we live in a democratic society, where free speech, you would know better than anyone about what we have," Marrone said. "I don't have any issues when players say what they believe and what they really feel is in their hearts. As long as it’s being productive, productive for the team."