Solder: I'm absolutely ready to go


Solder: I'm absolutely ready to go

Considering that starting right tackle Sebastian Vollmer's status for Monday night's game is in question, Nate Solder could find himself playing a big role under the bright lights in Miami.

If Vollmer's back injury keeps him out of the Patriots season-opener, Solder would be the next man in at right tackle. That means Solder's first NFL game could be spent trying to block the Dolphins' sack specialist Cameron Wake, who had 14 sacks last season.

Solder said on Friday that he's ready for the challenge.

Im absolutely ready to go, Solder told reporters. Whatever situation Im put in, its because the coaches have confidence for me to be in there, and Im happy to be there.

It seemed as though Solder knew as much as the rest of the world when it came to Vollmer's injury. If the coaches had a conversation with him about playing a lot of right tackle in Vollmer's absence, he did a good job of keeping it quiet.

I dont know exactly whats going to go on with that, Solder said, Im going to play wherever I need to play.

Belichick was equally mum on the subject of Vollmer's status.

However it is listed, thats what it is, Belichick said. Whatever he is able to do, well list him based on what he is able to do this week on the injury report on Saturday, I guess it is. As we have information, well give it to you.

Though he says he's ready, Solder knows that there's still work to do before Monday night.

I still think its just a process, Solder said. Weve been working on a lot of things this week, a lot of things are going in. Its just a building process for me. Im just one cog of this wheel, ya know?

Bennett to critics: ‘You take a paycut’

Bennett to critics: ‘You take a paycut’

Martellus Bennett is as good at Twitter as he is at football. Add to that the fact that all eyes are on whether the free agent will stay in New England and the @MartysaurusRex account becomes a must-follow. 

On Wednesday, Bennett put his powers to good use and shared a glimpse into his line of thinking regarding free agency.

Bennett, who could very well leave the Pats for more money, responded to a criticism of his desire to get paid and followed it with several more musings. 

Report: Belichick may be called to testify in Hernandez trial

Report: Belichick may be called to testify in Hernandez trial

Bill Belichick, identified as "William Belichick," has been added to the list of potential defense witnesses who could testify during the upcoming double-homicide trial of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, according to the Boston Herald.

Per the Herald, the new list of potential witnesses for the defense also includes Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey, who was Hernandez's teammate at the University of Florida. 

Belichick, McDaniels and Pouncey aren't guaranteed to testify, but their presence on the civilian witness list makes their presence in court a possibility. 

Hernandez's trial is scheduled to start next Wednesday. He's accused of killing Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu and Safiro Furtado back in July of 2012. Hernandez is currently serving a life sentence after being convicted of the murder Odin Lloyd in 2013.