Social Slant: Answering your Instagram questions

Social Slant: Answering your Instagram questions
September 6, 2013, 12:30 am
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The interaction between experts and fans can be facilitated in a much easier fashion in this digital age, and "Quick Slants" is taking advantage.

Via Instagram, Patriots fans could take video of themselves asking questions regarding the Patriots (at CSNNE with the hashtag #Quick Slants), with Tom E. Curran and Mary Paoletti potentially responding to their inquiries. 

They did just that on Thursday night's show, answering pressing concerns from two fans.

The first revolved around the amount of running the team should expect to see from the Bills, and whether New England had the capability to stop it. 

Curran iterated that the ground game will be of vital importance on Sunday.

"When the Patriots take the field Sunday, they're going to be dealing with a quarterback who has to hand off because he's never thrown the ball in an NFL regular season game," Curran said of the Bills' E.J. Manuel.  "So expect [running back] C.J. Spiller, expect of course Fred Jackson and expect the Patriots to be loaded for bear on the ground."

The offensive side was the next subject. The Patriots, of course, have many new parts in the passing game, so who will be the leading pass catcher on the team for the firs week?

Paoletti had the answer. 

"I'm going to say [Danny] Amendola, for the most targets, most catches probably. But I like [tight end Zach] Sudfeld as a big end zone target, kind of like Gronk." 

 Will these predictions hold up? We will find out in a matter of days.