Silver: Can 'atrocious' Pats' defense stop Tebow?


Silver: Can 'atrocious' Pats' defense stop Tebow?

Many people think Tim Tebow's finally going to get his comeuppance Sunday against the Patriots. But Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver isn't so sure.

Why? Because of the Patriots defense.

"A lot of people around the NFL have been saying, 'Let's see when he has to play an Aaron Rodgers or a Tom Brady or a Drew Brees and he's down big and they can't run the run-heavy attack and he's got to throw and come from behind'," Silver told Tom E. Curran on 'Quick Slants'.

"I love the theory, and . . . everything we know about Brady suggests that he's going to bring his 'A' game. The problem is, can the Patriots stop even the Broncos and Tebow's passing in a pinch, with a big lead?

"So I think it's possible we could have a shootout in this game, because the Patriots' defense has simply been that atrocious, as you know."