Should Pats abandon 2-TE system?

Should Pats abandon 2-TE system?
April 17, 2014, 5:30 pm
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One ex-Patriots tight end is in jail and a current Patriots tight end is recovering from another injury and likely won't be available to start the season.

Is the Patriots two-tight end system, best exemplified by Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, a thing of the past?

On Patriots Talk TV, Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran, Phil Perry and Mike Giardi weigh in on the subject.

"Wouldn't it be easier, especially in this draft, to go get one of the wide receivers and go with your classic tight end in Gronk, and a bunch of wide receivers around them?" Curran asks.

Giardi thinks it's time to do that.

"I think they've pushed this [two tight ends] a little too far...," he said. "Based on the depth and what they have on this roster, they're better off lookng at with at the wide receiver position more than going for a tight end. What you're talking about? The Aaron Hernandez-type [on the field]? So rare."

Perry isn't willing to give up on the two-TE set.

"I like my tight ends. What's more important, is nobody likes their tight ends more than Bill Belichick," Perry said. "So, I think they're still looking and I wouldn't be surpsised if they went for one in the first round. And for Belichick, at two tight-end system is an OK thing to pursue. For Belichick, the logic isn't too hard. You get big guys who are really fast and can catch the ball. It's an offensive weapon."