Should the Patriots trade for Andre Johnson?

Should the Patriots trade for Andre Johnson?
May 14, 2014, 8:30 am
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Andre Johnson isn't sure he wants to stay Houston.

Is there any chance the Patriots could land the veteran receiver to help out Tom Brady?

Steve Buckley and Danny Picard joined Sports Tonight to discuss the topic.

"Andre Johnson wants to be a part of a team that has that quarterback to win them the big game." said Picard, "If I were the Patriots, I would absolutely be interested. If I'm Andre Johnson, I only come out and make these comments because I'm interested in playing with a guy like Tom Brady."

Steve Buckley compared this situation with another former Patriot wideout.

"You can apply everything you just said, just scratch out that name and put in Randy Moss." said Buckley, "It was different, he was trying to resurrect his career, but he was also looking to play with a good quarterback."