Shaughnessy and Toucher on Gronk's off-field antics


Shaughnessy and Toucher on Gronk's off-field antics

Rob Gronkowski is at it again. Dancing, partying, doing wrestling moves on his brother with a broken arm.

Just Gronk being Gronk.

Gary Tanguay is joined by Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe and Fred Toucher of 98.5 to discuss Gronk's latest off-field moment.

"I do think - and I hate to say it because I seem like a pesky worry wart, but I do think that if you have a broken arm, and you broke it twice this season, frolicking around with your brothers and throwing weight on it probably isn't the best," Toucher said.

Shaughnessy doesn't see how it gets any better anytime soon.

"I don't see any hope for reigning this in," he said. "I don't know who could get to him. Teammates? Maybe Bill Belichick, but Bob Kraft is already on record saying that he wants to be Gronk in his next life. This is going to be great until it's not great."

Tanguay makes the point that Gronk is under contract with New England which means, in a way, they own him. There are things in that contract that specifically say what Gronk can and cannot do (probably should add no dancing shirtless and tackling people on stage), and there are repercussions if not followed.

But after all, it is Gronk - and well, everybody loves him.

"This reminds me of Manny Ramirez," Shaughnessy said. "His talent is so much, so great. He is beloved no matter what he does. He can basically do anything and the fans love the guy. Again, anything short of quitting, which is when the fans turned on Manny."

Poll ranks Patriots as NFL's most 'badass' team


Poll ranks Patriots as NFL's most 'badass' team

Five-time Super Bowl champions. Seven-time AFC champs. Fourteen-time AFC East champs. Now, Bill Belichick's Patriots have another title.

NFL's most "badass" team.

The Tampa Bay Times polled a panel of 43 NFL writers and asked them for the top three most "badass" teams and players in the NFL.


The defending Super Bowl champion Patriots came out on top with 29 top-three votes. 

Here's a sampling of the panelists' comments:

"They keep winning in a league designed to discourage dynasties." -Terez A. Paylor, Kansas City Star

"Hands down. They take a three-touchdown lead and keep throwing, and throwing, and don't give a damn what anybody thinks." -Tyler Dunne, Bleacher Report

"For a decade they've been toying with and laughing at the rest of the league. The biggest bullies on the block." — Ralph Vacchiano, SNY

"Behind the glitz and glamour of having the game's greatest quarterback, the Patriots ranked among the league's top 10 scoring defenses each of the past five seasons, including No. 1 in 2016." — Ryan Wood, Green Bay Press-Gazette

The most badass player? Veteran Steelers linebacker James Harrison. The highest-ranked Patriot on the list? Tom Brady at No. 6. Rob Gronkowski was tied with Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack at No. 8. Julian Edelman was among the others receiving votes. 

Here are the full rankings: 


1. Patriots (29 votes)

2. Seahawks (27)

3. Steelers (18)

4. Raiders (9)

5. Ravens (8)

6t. Broncos (6)

6t. Cowboys (6)

8. Bengals (4)

9t. Cardinals (2)

9t. Packers (2)

9t. Panthers (2)

9t. Texans (2)

Also receiving votes: Chiefs, Falcons, Rams, Titans (1 each)


1. James Harrison, Steelers LB (14 votes)

2t. Marshawn Lynch, Raiders RB (10)

2t. J.J. Watt, Texans DE (10)

4t. Kam Chancellor, Seahawks S (8)

4t. Ndamukong Suh, Dolphins DT (8)

6. Tom Brady, Patriots QB (7)

7. Von Miller, Broncos LB (6)

8t. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots TE (5)

8t. Khalil Mack, Raiders LB (5)

10. Aaron Donald, Rams DT (4)