Rex Ryan: 'Nothing but positive vibes' for Jets

Rex Ryan: 'Nothing but positive vibes' for Jets
September 10, 2013, 11:45 am
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FOXBORO – The Jets have been in a graveyard spiral since December 2012.
If Rex Ryan had a window seat, he’d see the ground fast approaching. But he’s still walking the aisles trying to sell frequent flyer miles.
On a conference call with New England media Tuesday, Ryan framed the Jets’ condition as rosy.
“We have way more positive momentum than people give us credit for,” Ryan said. "We were 3-1 in the preseason, I think that’s good. Inside our building it’s been nothing but positive. We’ve had probably as good an offseason as anyone in the league when it comes to the amount of players here for voluntary work, the type of work they’re doing at minicamps and then our training camp, we had great competition at several positions. We have a close football team.
“I don’t know what the general consensus – I think I know what the general consensus is out there – but it’s not even close,” insisted Ryan. We’ve had nothing but positive vibes inside our locker room.”
The Jets escaped their season opener against the Bucs with a fortunate win, aided and abetted by a Tampa penalty that set up the game-winning field goal. No apologies necessary for the Jets, though. Nobody expected them to win and they found a way.
Still, the general consensus – it was mentioned to Ryan – is not good.  
“That’s beautiful, not one person has been in this locker room saying it,” he countered. “We’re excited about how we did. If you watched us in any of our preseason games and how we competed, even that third preseason game against some guys that weren’t making the team, they wanted to play like Jets and they’re playing their tails off. That’s what you can expect from this team.”
Ryan, once celebrated by media for being colorful and forthright is now lampooned for the same things. New York media that cleaned Ryan’s feet with tears of gratitude when he arrived in 2009 and made their lives easy have sunk a thousand knives in his back now that he’s a lame duck.
Will he have an interesting take on his treatment down there when it’s all over?
“I’m not worried about that,” he sniffed. “There’s a lot more left here to go. When all this (offseason changes) came down, I was like, ‘Hey, I’m just taking this like it’s my first year.’ And that’s where it is. That’s where my focus is, that’s where my energy is. It might not be outwardly in the media but it certainly is the same in the building. The great thing is, we get to prove it. We go on the field and I think this team is a way better team than people give it credit for. I think we were ranked 32nd in the power rankings, I’m sure were 31st this week.”