Revis great, but don't forget about Law

Revis great, but don't forget about Law
August 1, 2014, 6:45 pm
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One of my favorite football players -- not just favorite Patriots -- but football players went into the Patriot Hall of Fame today at Gillette Stadium. Ty Law is back home after leaving Foxboro after the 2004 season and spending fifteen years in the NFL.

A popular topic is comparing Law to new Patriot cornerback Darrelle Revis. Why are people so quick to anoint Revis the better player? I can understand why Ty praises Revis. The current 24 is also an Aliquippa High School alum and is close to Law who he considers a mentor.

On film Revis may be the better player. But, I am here to say HOLD ON PEOPLE and make the case for Law, who thrived and survived fifteen years in the NFL.

Law had 53 interceptions in his career including nine in 1998 with New England and 10 in 2005, when he led the NFL in picks with the Jets. Officially, Revis has played seven seasons but he only played in two games in 2012 when he tore his ACL. In that time he has 21 career interceptions which puts him on track to finish behind Law. The most he has had in a season was six in 2009.

For the first six years of his career passes defended were not kept. Law finished with 88 in nine years and Revis has 108. Advantage Revis. However, I would like to point out Law was healthier, younger and faster in the first six years of his playing days than in the last nine.

Law was a two time All Pro and a five-time Pro Bowl selection. Revis in half the time has three All-Pro nods and five Pro Bowl selections.

Advantage Revis if you care about that stuff.

At this time, what separates the two are the moments.

January 20, 2004 AFC title game in Foxboro: MVP Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts came into Gillette scoring a combined 79 points and not punting once in their previous two playoff games against Denver and Kansas City. Ty Law picked off Manning three times in highlight reel fashion in one of the greatest defensive efforts the NFL has ever seen. Then in the Super Bowl Law had a pick six against the greatest show on turf as the Patriots upset the world with a win over the Rams.

Revis has done nothing compared to this. Someday he might and I hope it happens this year. The Revis supporters tell me no one throws at Revis. Do you think opposing offensive coordinators told their QBs to pick on Ty Law?

So, lets agree to this. Revis may be the better player to the trained eye but it is indisputable that he has a ways to go to match Ty Law’s resume and career.

His career did not end in New England. In 2005, his first year not sporting the Elvis on his noggin, he led the NFL in picks with 10 for the Jets.