Report: No surgeries for Mankins this offseason


Report: No surgeries for Mankins this offseason

Logan Mankins judges his time off differently than most other human beings. For him, a guy whose body takes a ridiculous beating for five months out of the year, it's a nice little offseason so long as he doesn't have to go under the knife.

Lucky for him, that's the case this year, according to the Boston Herald.

He put up with injuries to his ankle, hip and calf throughout the 2012 season -- and he came back from ACL surgery earlier in the year -- but he won't have to have any of those dings surgically repaired.

"I'm excited," Mankins told the Herald. "At this time last year, I hadn't even had surgery yet, so I'll be training here pretty soon in a few weeks. It's going to be a great offseason for me, I think. My legs will get back to where they used to be. I'll be in the kind of shape I want to be when the season starts. I'm actually pretty excited about this offseason."

Study ranks Patriots fan base as second-best in NFL

Study ranks Patriots fan base as second-best in NFL

A scholarly blog from Emory ranks the Patriots as having the second-best fan base in the NFL. 

Compiled by professor Mike Lewis and favoring in numerous statistical data, the list ranks the Patriots first in terms of “social equity,” third in “fan equity” and fifth in “road equity.” The Cowboys hold the top overall spot. 

The following graphic is from Lewis' report. 

Lewis allows for the possibility that many of New England’s fans may be bandwagon fans, but that the league’s Deflategate scandal boosted engagement from Patriots dans on social media. 

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