Report: Haynesworth, Ochocinco deals restructured


Report: Haynesworth, Ochocinco deals restructured Staff Follow @csnnewengland
It was expected that Albert Haynesworth would restructure his deal when the Patriots traded a 2013 fifth-round pick for him, and now we know the new terms.

The Patriots have, according Jason Cole at Yahoo!, restructured Haynesworth's deal over the next two seasons. He was due to earn 5.4 million in base salary in 2011, but his base salary has been reduced to 1.5 million this season.

From Yahoo!:
Haynesworth can earn all the money and more back in incentives. He will earn 1 million if he plays in 20 percent of the plays and an additional 590,000 when he hits 45 percent, 50 percent, 55 percent, 60 percent and then 65 percent.Haynesworth, who signed a seven-year, 100 million deal with the Redskins in 2009, can also earn 400,000 if he makes the Pro Bowl. Thats a total of 5.85 million if Haynesworth hits all of his incentives.
Haynesworth's contract extends through the 2012 season, and he is due a base salary of 6.7 million in 2012, according to multiple reports.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke with media Wednesday and discussed bringing Haynesworth on board.

"I met with him. And you know, Ive learned in life and in business that people sometimes have different agendas," Kraft said. "I met with him and I like the guy, so I take people as he didnt come here for the money; he came here to be part of a team and win and I think in some ways, improve his reputation. Like a lot of meetings I have with these guys, I found him to be genuine and sincere so now I hope he gets out on the field and does his thing."

Chad Ochocinco, although seemingly less of a risk, also had his contract restructured through 2013. According to reports, Ochocinco's base salaries are 1 million in 2011, and 3 million in both 2012 and 2013.

ESPN Boston has reported that though Ochocinco restructured his deal to make less from his base salary, he got a signing bonus of 4.5 million. Ochocinco is scheduled to earn base salaries of 3 million apiece in 2011 and 2012, and he can earn an additional 100,000 in workout bonuses, according to the report.

Kraft is a fan of Ochocinco's, and seems to be amused by his wanting to live with a fan for a couple of weeks to get acclimated with the city.

"Well, first of all, you have to love the guy," Kraft said Wednesday. "I have people e-mailing me who would like to host him. Im not sure I want the responsibility, except someone prominent here in Foxboro has offered to be his host."

Kraft wouldn't say who the "prominent" name was though.

The restructuring of those two contracts along with the six-year contract extension of Logan Mankins ended quite a busy day for the Patriots on the business side of things.

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Hawkins says he passed up more lucrative deals to sign with Patriots


Hawkins says he passed up more lucrative deals to sign with Patriots

The Patriots went into Wednesday with what could have passed as the deepest receiving group in team history, yet by lunchtime they had added another. 

Former Browns and Bengals wideout Andrew Hawkins announced on Twitter (via uSTADIUM) that he had chose to come to terms with New England. He explained that the opportunity to work with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick proved to be enough to convince him that he should pass up more lucrative offers from other clubs.

"After giving it a lot of though, I've decided that I'm going to join the New England Patriots," he said. "Super excited about the opportunity, man, to join the reigning football champions. In Cleveland, I said it was about joining a contender, and the Patriots are the contender, the reigning champs.

"The program is top-notch, and you get the opportunity to play with the best quarterback and the best coach in NFL history, man, so it's super exciting. It was never really about the money. To be honest, I passed up on deals that were probably double the compensation . . . but it was all about winning for me at this point, and putting myself in the best position to do so."

Hawkins (5-foot-7, 180 pounds) may be a familiar name to Patriots fans as he caught four passes for a season-high 56 yards and one touchdown against New England in Week 5 of last season. He finished the year with 33 catches for 324 yards and three scores. The 31-year-old has recently seen his name in the headlines as he completed his Sports Management degree at Columbia and graduated last week. 

The Patriots have receivers room that's currently pretty loaded with talent. Brandin Cooks, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola and Malcolm Mitchell figure to make up the top end of the depth chart, while former practice-squad wideouts Devin Street, Devin Lucien and DeAndrew White figure to compete for playing time as do undrafted rookies Austin Carr and Cody Hollister.

"Nothing's for sure. I got my work cut out for me. It's an opportunity," Hawkins said. "That's how I'm approaching it. Going there and seeing how I stack up with the best and try to earn my keep and prove my worth. I'm jsust excited to get there, get to work, and hopefully I can be part of something special and kind of join that Patriot legacy."