Report: Bequette's contract numbers released


Report: Bequette's contract numbers released

Aaron Wilson of Fox Sports has the details on the four-year deal of Patriots third-round pick Jake Bequette. Here's Wilson's tweet:

Patriots third-round defensive end Jake Bequette's deal is worth 2.654 million, including 539,800 bonus plus annual 5,000 workout bonuses Aaron Wilson (@RavensInsider) June 19, 2012

Bequette, a productive college player out of the University of Arkansas, is thought by many to be a high-energy guy who could carve out a role with the Patriots when they use a 4-3 front.

Kraft on Brady: He's willing to play 'six, seven more years'


Kraft on Brady: He's willing to play 'six, seven more years'

PHOENIX -- Robert Kraft drew some scoffs from the media horde surrounding him on Monday when he relayed Tom Brady's intentions for the remainder of his playing career. 

"As recently as two, three days ago, he assured me he'd be willing to play six, seven more years," Kraft said. "At the level he performed, there's no one that would be happier than I . . . and our fan base."

Brady put together an MVP-caliber season in 2016 at the age of 39, and he figures to be one of the best at his position during his age 40 season. And judging by his comments during Day 2 of the league meetings here, Kraft wouldn't be surprised if Brady could keep things going well into his mid-40s -- unprecedented as that would be.

"In some ways, you think about, I think there's one player at the age of 40 who had one good year. Favre for the Vikings. But he didn't do so well before," Kraft said. "I think Tommy's sustained excellence is just unbelievable. It's a lifestyle. He's in training now. It's not like he's stopped. He works out.

"I remember after our first Super Bowl in [2001], going down to the training room in the old Foxboro Stadium, three days after we won, and he's in there with the music blaring, working out.

"He's really dedicated and the thing that's amazing about him, to this day, he hasn't changed as a human being in terms of how he relates to people, but also in terms of how he works out. The only thing that's probably changed is how he eats, his diet. I'm not sure avocado ice cream is right for me, but if I could look like him and perform half as well, I guess I'd do it."

Patriots top ESPN's post-free agency power rankings

Patriots top ESPN's post-free agency power rankings

In the most predictable bit of news ever, the Patriots top ESPN’s post-free agency power rankings. 

Their placement on the rankings figured to be obvious, as they are the defending Super Bowl champions and have upgraded at wide receiver with the Brandin Cooks trade. The Cooks move, wich sent the 32nd overall pick to New Orleans, was acknowledged in the team's writeup:

"Did the Super Bowl LI champions really need to trade for 23-year-old receiver Brandin Cooks? Probably not," wrote "But Cooks brings a big-play ability that hasn't been seen in New England in a while. Cooks has seven career 40-plus yard touchdowns. The Patriots have nine total in that time."

The Falcons follow the Patriots on the list, with the Packers moving up to No. 3 after signing former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett. The Cowboys and Steelers round out the top five. 

The next-closest AFC East team on the list is the Dolphins, who rank 15th. The Bills sit 26th and the Jets are at No. 30.