Rank 'Em: Belichick's best & worst decisions

Rank 'Em: Belichick's best & worst decisions
August 29, 2014, 11:45 am
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Does Belichick always sell high and make the right move when getting rid of a player? Trenni Kusnierek and Michael Felger rank the decisions.

The Logan Mankins trade has Michael Felger and Trenni Kusnierek ranking some of Bill Belichick's other difficult personnel decisions he's made with the Patriots.

Felger tries to debunk the "In Bill We Trust" mantra when it comes to these moves, i.e. the idea that they never come back to haunt the Pats.

"The story line is he never gets this wrong. He always wins when he does this," Felger said. "He's won on a lot of guys, that's for sure. [Letting go] Randy Moss? Huge win. He nailed that one. Lawyer Milloy? Huge win. He nailed that one. Logan Mankins? We're going to have see...I don't consider Wes Welker a win right now. Sure, he's diminished [after another concussion] going forward. Last year? They were a game away from hosting the AFC Championship Game, they were horrible on third down. If they [had Welker and] had won one more game, maybe they're hosting the AFC Championship Game [rather than playing in Denver] and it's a different story."

Felger's not stopping there.

Deion Branch? "If Deion Branch had stayed here and was playing with Tom Brady in 2006, I believe that would have put them over the top and they would have won the AFC Championship Game in Indianapolis," Felger said.

Ty Law? "He had 10 interceptions the year after he left [the Patriots and joined the Jets] in 2005. You're telling me he wouldn't have helped in 2005? Gimme a break."