Randy Moss: 'Ya'll better sign Julien Edelman'

Randy Moss: 'Ya'll better sign Julien Edelman'
January 31, 2014, 8:00 am
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That keen judge of talent Randy Moss told WEEI that retaining free agent wide receiver Julian Edelman should be a top priority for the Patriots.

"Y'all better sign Julien Edelman," the former Patriots wide receiver said, "because if Edelman goes, I don't know."

On Sports Tonight, Michael Felger and The Boston Herald's Ron Borges talked about whether the Patriots would come across with the money to keep the receiver who became Tom Brady's favorite target this season.

"I think he might get paid by someone," Borges said. "Frankly, I'll doubt that they'll pay if the money gets up to anything that the rest of us think is reasonable."

Felger asked Borges, "If Edelman gets north of four [million a year], do you think he's a goner?"

Borges thought so and questioned why the Pats wouldn't pay Edelman when $6 million-a-year free agent signee Danny Amendola "caught half as many balls and practiced half as often and played half as often."