Predicting how Belichick's career will end

Predicting how Belichick's career will end
December 13, 2013, 1:00 am
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On "Uno Sports Tonight", a conversation about the reception Bill Belichick would receive if he were to return with another team, a la Doc Rivers, turns into a conversation about how the coach will end his career.

In the first scenario, Jeff Howe and Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald were asked about how Belichick would be received if he came back to Foxboro as coach of another team?

"Three Super Bowls? Changed the face of the franchise? I think it would be overwhelmingly positive," Howe said.

Buckley disagreed.

"I don't think there's the love affair is as strong as Doc [Rivers] or [Terry] Francona," Buckley said.

Co-host Michael Felger said Buckley couldn't be more wrong about the fans' feeling toward the Patriots coach.

"It goes beyond love," Felger said. "People are in a trance with Bill Belichick."

Now, as to how much longer Belichick will coach? Co-host Michael Holley said the coach, now 63, will be out of football before he turns 70.