Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 12

Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 12
August 10, 2014, 4:45 pm
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FOXBORO -- The Patriots are back home for a week of practice that began on Sunday afternoon as Gillette Stadium prepared for a sold-out Luke Bryan concert Sunday night.

The session was the first of training camp to be closed to the public (in part due to the madness on Route 1, which was choked with concert-goers.) They will have another normal practice on Monday afternoon and then begin joint practices with the Eagles on Tuesday.

Partly cloudy and hot. About 90 degrees.

Full pads. This is the ninth practice out of 12 in which the Patriots have been fully-padded. Quarterbacks wore red non-contact jerseys as they always do in practice.

* Ryan Mallett was not present for reasons unknown.

* Rookie defensive back Jemea Thomas, who has been absent from practices since getting injured in the first workout of training camp, was back on the field and in full pads. Brandon Bolden was also back and in pads as well.

* Aaron Dobson, Dominique Easley, Kanorris Davis, Ja'Gared Davis, Jeremy Gallon and Tavon Wilson (wearing a helmet) worked as part of a rehab group in shorts and t-shirts on a lower field.

* Rookie center Bryan Stork was spotted on the field but was not wearing pads and appeared to be little more than a spectator.

* DJ Williams, Cameron Gordon, Michael Hoomanawanui, James Anderson, Chris Martin, Chris Jones and Sealver Siliga were not spotted at practice. Siliga and Jones suffered injuries last week -- Siliga in practice on Tuesday and Jones during Thursday's preseason game with the Redskins.

* Newly signed tight ends Steve Maneri (No. 86), Ben Hartsock (No. 88) and Terrence Miller (No. 44) were present and participating.

The day began with some half-speed kickoff and kick return work organized by special teams coach Scott O'Brien. While specialists did their thing, quarterbacks, receivers and offensive linemen ran through some plays slowly.

After some stretching, players broke off into individual position drills. Then quarterbacks and running backs worked on their exchanges while defensive backs and receivers worked on jamming and getting off of jams, respectively.

The offense and defense then broke off to separate fields where the first and second-team offense went 11-on-11 against other offensive players acting as defenders. Defensive backs worked on their deep drops and attacking potential interceptions in the air while defensive linemen and linebackers worked on their technique getting off of blocks.

When the offense and defense reconvened, they went at it for about five minutes in some full-contact running-game reps.

Seven-on-seven work for the skill players and one-on-one work for linemen was followed by some ball-protection work. While the majority of the team was on one field working in that drill, Brady and Gronkowski got back to their normal side session, working on routes near the goal line with Revis shadowing Gronkowski in coverage.

More kickoff and kick return work was followed by a series of 11-on-11 periods. The team appeared to focus on hurry-up situations in which the first-team offense performed well.

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski finished the practice session by kicking field goals from various distances. When he was done, the majority of the team did some conditioning hill runs. Those who didn't (specialists, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Roy Finch and Patrick Chung) worked on returning punts.

* In one-on-one drills, Julian Edelman gave Darrelle Revis a great inside-move fake and caught an easy ball from Jimmy Garoppolo as he went to the sideline.

* Garoppolo and Kenbrell Thompkins connected for a nice completion with Brandon Browner in tight coverage.

* Garoppolo showed his nice touch on deeper throws when he found Brandon LaFell down the sideline as LaFell ran past Malcolm Butler.

* Alfonzo Dennard looked healthy in one-on-one drills, showing good leaping ability. In one play in particular, he got up to get his hands on a pass from Tom Brady that was then bobbled -- and eventually caught -- by Edelman.

* Bolden dropped an easy one in a ball protection drill that involved backs and receivers making catches and then eluding defenders looking to strip.

* Roy Finch must be breathing a little bit easier on Sunday. After two fellow undrafted free agents -- Justin Jones and Asa Watson -- were released, Finch was able to stick around despite fumbling one kickoff and muffing a punt against the Redskins. He got the bulk of the kick-return repetitions with Josh Boyce. James White and Matthew Slater worked in the role of kick-return traffic director.

* Stork was busy on the elliptical machine for a chunk of the second half of practice.

* At one point during 11-on-11, Sebastian Vollmer and Nate Solder swapped spots: Solder was at right tackle while Vollmer was on the left side.

* Good pop from Tommy Kelly on Stevan Ridley during 11-on-11 work. Defenders weren't wrapping up, but it was a good quick shot.

* Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels sported a headset as he worked with his offense.

* Gronkowski and Brady got a good number of reps on Sunday. It seemed as though any chance Brady got, he pulled Gronkowski aside to work on routes.

* Rookie defensive lineman Zach Moore saw some time inside as a defensive tackle in 11-on-11 work. From this perspective, he stood out as one of the better edge rushers for the Patriots in Thursday night's game against the Redskins.

* Malcolm Butler got some reps with the first-team defense in 11-on-11 work. It appeared as though Alfonzo Dennard was not participating in 7-on-7 or 11-on-11 work.

* Kyle Arrington worked in at safety in 11-on-11 work.

* Brady incomplete to LaFell. Ball off of LaFell's hands. Should have been caught.
* Brady incomplete intended for Amendola. Amendola didn't appear to look for the ball while running a shallow cross
* Brady incomplete to Maneri. Good coverage by Chandler Jones. Ball off of Maneri's finger tips. Could have been caught.
* Brady complete to Edelman on a shallow crossing route.
* Brady complete to Amendola on a quick out with Patrick Chung in coverage.
* Brady complete to Vereen on a swing pass.

* Garoppolo complete to Edelman on a dig route. Good ball with Duron Harmon and Steve Beauharnais in coverage.
* Garoppolo complete to Edelman over the middle. Nice lunging grab by Edelman.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Thompkins. Off Thompkins' chest plate. Nice throw through a tight window. Should have been caught.
* Garoppolo complete to Slater on a fade to back corner of the end zone from about 10 yards away.
* Garoppolo complete to Tyms, but the rep was blown dead when Garoppolo took too long to get rid of the ball.

* Brady complete to Edelman over the middle with Revis trailing in coverage.

* James White run out of the I-formation. James Develin lays a nice block on crashing defensive end Rob Ninkovich.
* Brady complete to Thompkins. Nice sliding catch by Thompkins with Revis in coverage.
* Brady incomplete on play-action pass.
* Brady incomplete to LaFell. Good ball from Brady to LaFell deep down the sideline. Kyle Arrington broke it up.
* Ridley run to the right behind right tackle Solder.
* Brady complete to Edelman over the middle with Butler in coverage.

* Garoppolo complete to Boyce on a deep out with Harmon in coverage.
* Bolden run up the middle.
* Garoppolo complete to McCuller.

* Brady hand off to Ridley, run to the left side.
* White run up the middle out of the shotgun.
* Ridley run on a pitch to the right side.
* Brady incomplete to Vereen.
* Vereen run to the right.

* Garoppolo hand off to Bolden, run to the right on a pitch.
* White run to the left.
* Finch run up the middle.
* Bolden run up the middle.

* Brady hand off to Ridley up the middle.

* Garoppolo to Wilson Van Hooser on deep out.
* Ridley run off guard.
* White run off guard.
* Garoppolo picked off by McCourty. Miscommunication between Garoppolo and Boyce. Easy pick for McCourty.
* Bolden run off right edge.
* Garoppolo to Miller on a short out.
* Jonas Gray run off right tackle.

(two-minute drill)
* Brady complete to Amendola short over the middle.
* Brady to Amendola on quick out.
* Brady incomplete to Amendola.
* Brady complete to Amendola over the middle.
* Brady complete to Ridley on a swing pass.
* Brady complete to Thompkins on the outside.
* Brady incomplete to Thompkins on a fade to back corner of the end zone. Ball was overthrown.

(two-minute drill)
* Garoppolo complete to LaFell on outside.
* Garoppolo deep down the sideline to Tyms with Logan Ryan in coverage.
* Garoppolo complete to White on swing pass.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Maneri. Ball went off Maneri's facemask.
* Garoppolo complete to White.
* Garoppolo incomplete off the hands of Boyce. Should have been caught.
* Garoppolo complete to Tyms on goal line for touchdown.

* Brady complete deep down sideline to Thompkins with Butler and Chung in coverage.
* Brady complete to Thompkins over the middle. Nice grab by Thompkins.
* Brady complete to Amendola over the middle.
* Brady complete to Amendola on the right sideline.
* Brady complete to Amendola on the left sideline.
* Brady incomplete to Amendola in the end zone. Ball over thrown but placed well with Arrington in tight coverage.
* Brady complete to Amendola for touchdown over the middle.

* Bolden run up the middle.
* Garoppolo complete to Bolden short.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Hartsock.
* Bolden run up the middle.
* Garoppolo pass batted down and picked off by LT Tuipulotu.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Van Hooser.
* Bolden up the middle.
* Garoppolo incomplete to Tyms. Off Tyms' hands.
* Garoppolo incomplete to the end zone.

* Butler got some reps with the first team on Sunday after a good performance in Thursday night's preseason game with the Redskins.

* Garoppolo had a nice day to follow up on his nice Thursday night against the Redskins. He continued to show good touch on deep passes and found openings in tight windows when things got more congested. A much different-looking quarterback than the Garoppolo we last saw in Foxboro.

* Boyce appeared to have a difficult game on Thursday, lining up offsides on third down at one point. He had a decent practice on Sunday but had a drop late in the practice that he'd like to have back.

* Ryan wasn't targeted often, but late in the session he had an opportunity to deny Garoppolo a long completion to Brian Tyms and was beaten.