Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 10

Postcard from Patriots training camp: Day 10
August 5, 2014, 7:45 pm
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RICHMOND, Virginia -- Here's the Postcard from August 5, the second day of joint practices with the Washington Redskins at their Richmond training facility. After New England got the best of the Skins on Monday, Washington rookie Trent Murphy believed Washington would play more up-tempo and have better success on Tuesday. It wasn’t apparent that they did.


Hazy, hot and oppressive. Temperatures in the high 80s with a lot of humidity.


Full pads. Every day since Day 3 they’ve been in the pads.


Rob Gronkowski, absent again. Didn’t travel. Brandon Bolden, Aaron Dobson, Dominique Easley, Ja’Gared Davis, Bryan Stork, Jemea Thomas, Tyler Gaffney, Cameron Gordon, Michael Hoomanawanui, Chris Martin and Jeremy Gallon. Seaver Siliga left the practice early and returned late with a wrap on his left hand.


Later practice today starting around 1:30 p.m. and not off the field until 4:20.

The teams did stretching and jogging on adjoining fields. The Patriots were back to their normal pre-practice routine after deviating a little bit on Monday.

The two teams almost immediately got into 11-on-11 work and Tom Brady started a little slowly as the Redskins coverage was ratcheted up a bit. Brady was probably 50 percent on his early throws.

Julian Edelman had a nice reception on a deep ball during that session.

The Patriots defense was scrimmaging against RG3 and the Redskins offense on the neighboring field, the play of the day defensively was turned in by Vince Wilfork who picked off a screen that Santana Moss was juggling and sashayed down the sidelines with it.

When the teams split into 7-on-7 for the offense, I stuck with the defense to watch some pass rush action. Wilfork is just a rhino right now. His explosion off the ball is remarkable.

Donta Hightower had a solid rush with interior power, L.T. Tuipulotu got stoned, Chandler Jones got redirected upfield and Tommy Kelly did a very nice job of combining initial upfield speed with power on contact.

Before the teams got into their next 11-on-11, the Patriots did a red zone walkthrough amongst themselves while at the other end of the field, Stephen Gostkowski worked on field goals.

There were some interesting personnel switches in 11-on-11. Defensively, Zach Moore was lined up at the nose and Jamie Collins was at inside linebacker for several reps. Dan Connolly was in at center for Ryan Wendell while Marcus Cannon and Zach Kline both got reps at right guard. Patrick Chung got a lot of reps with the 1s at safety next to Devin McCourty. Logan Ryan got a lot of reps in the slot corner spot with the 1s and Kyle Arrington was with the 2s.

Here’s a breakdown of the 11-on-11s from a Patriots perspective

Pats 1 O vs Skins 1 D

* Incomplete

* Complete to Thompkins on left sideline for about 12

* Complete to Amendola across middle for about 10

* Complete to Vereen in flat for 10 and out of bounds

* Complete to Amendola for about 25 and a touchdown on left side of end zone over E.J. Biggers.

* Ball spotted at 3

* Incomplete to LaFell crossing on back line

* Incomplete on the right to Amendola who was bracketed on a Brady sprint out

* Complete for TD to Edelman sitting down at the goal line.

Skins 1 O vs Pats 1 D

* Incomplete to Andre Roberts from RG3. Poor throw. Jamie Collins in coverage

* Complete to Jordan Reed in right flat for 5, Jerod Mayo in coverage

* Complete to Jordan Reed for 5, Collins in coverage

* Complete on comeback to DeSean Jackson for about 4, Revis in coverage.

* Incomplete to Jackson on short in-cut, Revis held ground with inside leverage and Jackson ran into him. Jackson wanted flag, Revis seemed to have spot first.

* Complete to Logan Paulsen for 4, McCourty in coverage

* Fourth-down inside run, filled by Logan Ryan. First down gained.

* Complete after scramble to Jordan Reed, Mayo in coverage (likely sack)

* Incomplete on 30-yard throw into end zone for Jackson on go-route. Hand fighting with Revis and arm bars at goal line before Revis gave Jackson a half-step and timed his jump to knock it away. Jackson came out after that

* Complete out of bounds to Cody Hoffman in end zone with Logan Ryan in coverage.

Pats 2 O vs Skins 2 D

* Ryan Mallett throws behind Wilson Van Hooser running down seam, incomplete.

* Drop, Van Hooser over the middle from Mallett on contested pass.

* Complete on lasered throw to Brian Tyms on right sideline for about 15

* Sack

* Incomplete on overthrow deep of Josh Boyce

* Incomplete over middle to Derrick Johnson over middle.

* Gostkowski 50-yard field goal.

Pats 1 O vs Skins 1 D

* Complete to Amendola for 15 in seam

*Complete to Amendola on sideline for 12

* Complete to LaFell on difficult catch on sideline for 8

* Complete to Edelman on left for about 10.

* Patriots call timeout for Gostkowski field goal.

Skins 1 O vs Pats 1 D

* Complete off scramble check down to Jordan Reed for 4

* Incomplete intended for Roberts

* Scramble out of bounds. Coverage sack

* Complete to Roberts down right sideline over Browner with McCourty well downfield. Seemed a communication lapse.

The one time the offense wasn’t in sync through the air was on some sideline throws in the hurryup with Brady working outside the numbers. Thompkins had a drop and a short gain. Justin Jones, working with the 1s after D.J. Williams left with a lower leg issue (minor and he returned), looks glacial off the line of scrimmage. There was a tipped screen pass, a miscommunication with Shane Vereen, a pass breakup intended for Vereen then a long throw to Edelman on a blown coverage. He tightroped sideline and went out. LaFell followed quickly with a leaping catch for a score.

At the end of practice, the Patriots ran sprints in pads and then stretched in a team circle while the Redskins ran in position groups – some without pads – and headed in while the Patriots were still on the field.


Danny Amendola. Saw him before practice and he indicated he was anxious to get started and backed that up. Had two terrific long touchdown catches from Brady and also worked the seam very well. Really tough to keep track of with the defensive attention going to Julian Edelman many times and Amendola working to the soft spots.

Brandon LaFell had a really outstanding red zone catch in which he went past his man in 7-on-7 and caught a ball that Brady lasered to the back line of the end zone. The ball was nicked by a Redskin, subtly changing the trajectory but it was still pulled in.
Chandler Jones. Undressing people. Caught RG3 somehow on a reverse boot where he was either unblocked or read the play right and was standing there as Griffin turned around.


James Anderson, the free agent linebacker signed over from the Bears has been running with the 2s and seems to have a few moments of confusion in coverage. Nothing obscene but something he’ll need to clean up.

Justin Jones, while he did get reps with the 1s late in practice, jumped offsides in the red zone causing Bill Belichick to pull Jones and send him on a lap.


“There were plays where, Danny Amendola, he’d be under a tent right now ‘cuz Brandon (Meriweather) would have put him out and also plays where McCourty had an opportunity to hit Andre Roberts. It wasn’t live but it was physical and it should be.” – Ryan Clark, Washington safety on the hitting at practice.


A walk-through in shells in the morning before the teams uproot and head north (the Patriots by bus) to ready for Thursday night’s game at FedEx Field.