Postcard from Patriots camp: Day 17

Postcard from Patriots camp: Day 17
August 13, 2013, 4:45 pm
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FOXBORO -- Tuesday marked the first joint practice of the week with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, before Friday's preseason game at Gillette Stadium.

It was cloudy and 72 degrees with a slight drizzle for the entire two-and-a-half-hour session. The rain got heavier in the last half hour during the backups' 11-on-11.

Both teams were in full pads. Tampa Bay wore its practice whites. New England wore its practice blues. Aside from the quarterbacks, Devin McCourty was the only player on either team to have a red non-contact jersey.

Brandon Spikes, Tyronne Green, Mark Harrison, Jermaine Cunningham, Armond Armstead and Rob Gronkowski.

Both teams got into WR-vs.-DB drills, with each team's quarterbacks taking shots down field at their receivers in 1-on-1 coverage. Patriots receivers were covered by Buccaneers DBs, and Buccaneers receivers were covered by Patriots' DBs. From there, they split into special-teams work, followed by 7-on-7's against the opposition. They mixed in some more special-teams work before getting back to 11-on-11 scrimmages. Towards the end of the 11-on-11 scrimmage, both teams' offenses worked in their two-minute drill. Then they worked on field-goal coverage on each field, and finished the day with 11-on-11 scrimmages with the backups.

Kenbrell Thompkins and Julian Edelman. Wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins made the best catch of the day, down at the right corner of the goal line during 7-on-7's, when he reached around Buccaneers cornerback Rashaan Melvin's chest and pulled in a bad inside throw from Tom Brady with one hand, resulting in a touchdown. It was certainly one of the only "wow" moments of the damp afternoon. Meanwhile, Edelman didn't really have any "wow" moments, but it's clear that Brady likes throwing to him. Whether it's in 7-on-7's or 11-on-11's, Edelman was lining up on the outside a lot, and his chemistry with Brady is evident in how easy they sometimes make it look.

Zach Sudfeld. The tight end has been given a lot of praise this preseason, but on Tuesday, he found himself in Brady's dog house, making a big-time mistake during the team's 11-on-11 two-minute offense scrimmage against Tampa's defense. As the Pats rushed to the line of scrimmage, Brady took a snap and quickly fired a short pass to the outside. Sudfeld caught the pass as he ran towards the right sideline, but then turned up field and cut back inside. Brady was yelling at him the loudest to "GET THE [BLEEP] DOWN!" In their next two-minute possession, Edelman did exactly what Sudfeld should have done. He caught the ball and quickly got down. Brady then ran up to the line, spiked the ball, and they kicked a field goal. It's only situational, but Sudfeld made the type of mental mistake that could be costly had the stakes been higher.

* Tampa Bay didn't stretch as long as the Patriots at the beginning of practice. Instead, the Buccaneers split into 11 separate groups and got right into some serious fundamental work. The most interesting being fundamental work at the line of scrimmage, where a Buccaneers coach held a football on a stick, trying to get the D-line to jump offsides.

* Brady isn't kidding when he says he constantly works with Danny Amendola. In between one set of drills, Brady yelled, "Danny!" to which Amendola popped out of nowhere, and Brady fired a series of passes to Amendola from about eight yards away. Extra work.

* In the very first play of the 11-on-11 scrimmage, Brady let one fly down the left sideline to a streaking Aaron Dobson, who turned and leaped to make the catch. A promising sign for a Patriots team looking to find a receiver who can stretch the field.

* McCourty mixed in some cornerback coverage on the right side throughout the day, to go along with his safety duties. During 11-on-11's, McCourty got toasted down the left sideline by the 6-foot-5, 230-pound Vincent Jackson, but Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman overthrew the deep ball.

* That Vinny Jackson is a big dude.

* During the Patriots' second possession of 11-on-11's, loud rock music began blasting over the speakers surrounding the practice fields, and Brady began utilizing his silent snap count. The possession ended on a touchdown in the back of the end zone from Brady to Josh Boyce.

* Tampa Bay's second possession on 11-on-11's also saw a big touchdown, as Patriots safety Adrian Wilson tried to jump an out-route on a short pass to Buccaneers tight end Tom Crabtree. Wilson couldn't get there in time, and Crabtree was in the clear, streaking down the right sideline for the score.

* Darrelle Revis was suited up, but did not participate in 7-on-7's or 11-on-11's. He only took part in individual drills.

* Big Tommy Kelly blocked a Tampa Bay field-goal attempt at the end of the practice. It looked like he felt a little pain afterwards, but seemed okay.

* Tavon Wilson made the biggest play during the backups' 11-on-11 scrimmage to end the day. He picked off a pass at the goal line that bounced off the hands of Buccaneers receiver Terriun Crump and took it to the house.

* Brady spent some time hanging on the field with wife Gisele and their son Benjamin after practice.

"The New York Jets and the Patriots, that's a crazy rivalry. It really is. It's almost like a hatred. But now, I'm a Buccaneer, and this is something new for me being in training camp with another team. So I'm just taking it in stride. It was funny because Mr. Kraft came up to me and said some encouraging words and some good words. So it just shows how much respect you have when you're not on that side of the ball." -- Former New York Jet Darrelle Revis, when asked if being around the Patriots gets his juices flowing.