Perillo: Washington's return important for Pats

Perillo: Washington's return important for Pats
September 11, 2013, 9:45 pm
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The 23-21 victorious effort in Buffalo was not a result laden with positives for the Patriots.

But that doesn't mean everything went wrong.

In fact, Paul Perillo of "Patriots Football Weekly" found something he liked from New England in week one. 

Not surprisingly, considering the offensive performance, it came from the defense. A little more shocking is it dealt with a position in the secondary that has been a large question mark for the Patriots this offseason: safety.

"I thought for one week, Devin McCourty and Steve Gregory looked solid in Buffalo," Perillo said. "Gregory especially I thought did exactly what you want out of your safety, prevent big plays. He made nine tackles, a couple of those prevented some really big plays from happening. He came up, he was sure with his angles. That's exactly the kind of play you want."

The sole bright spots when the Patriots had the ball was the play of Danny Amendola and Shane Vereen. Amendola of course is nursing a groin injury that will likely put him out this week and maybe beyond.

Vereen is worse off. He is gone for at least eight weeks after having surgery done on a broken bone on his wrist. One would think that, after Vereen's brilliant opening day performance, this would scare the Patriots.

But, the recent re-signing of Leon Washington points to a solution at hand.

"[Washington] provides insurance for Shane Vereen. Vereen looks like he's going to be out for a while with that wrist problem, but it really shouldn't be a problem at all for that Patriots offense because Washington is a guy who has already been here, who's been here all summer," Perillo said. "He knows the offense, Tom Brady has confidence in him. It's almost like a extra security blanket. I expect Washington to come out of the backfield catching some of those short throws that Vereen did last week."