Perillo: Vereen could be the x-factor for Pats on Sunday

Perillo: Vereen could be the x-factor for Pats on Sunday
January 17, 2014, 6:30 am
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This week on Patriots Football Weekly, Paul Perillo explains why he thinks Shane Vereen could be set for a big game against the Broncos.

"I have been talking about him all year long as a guy like Marshall Faulk, who was a running back that really has wide receiver skills. But quite frankly, the last several weeks since he's come back from the wrist injury, he hasn't been that kind of player.

"He's had many opportunities to make plays on wheel routes down the sideline, he just doesn't seem to be able to make that catch over his shoulder. We saw him do it in the Playoffs last year against Houston, but he's had a lot of chance to do it this year and hasn't been able to.
I think that's a matchup that the Patriots can exploit against those Denver linebackers, Shane Vereen could be a big part of that passing game'

Perillo also goes on to discuss Brady having his lowest completion percentage since 2003, and why he thinks special teams will play a big factor in this Sunday's game. Check out the video for more.