Perillo: Talib is Patriots (non-Brady) MVP

Perillo: Talib is Patriots (non-Brady) MVP
December 28, 2013, 7:00 am
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Tom Brady. 

That's the obvious answer to the question "Who is the Patriots MVP?"

Besides him... 

Who is the Patriots MVP In the non-Tom Brady division?

Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joins the Uno Sports Tonight crew to debate that and other Patriots awards questions. 

"Aqib Talib to me, especially early on in the season, I think he completely transformed the way this team played defense," says Perillo. "He gave the whole secondary a little bit of confidence, a little swagger." 

Lou Merloni agrees.

"Early in the year, when this team was really struggling offensively, he kept everything together defensively," says Merloni. "This team is definitely not 11-4 right now, they're probably 9-6."

Biggest Disappointment 

Three panelists. Three different votes.
Stevan Ridley was expected to be a more dynamic version of BenJarvus Green-Ellis. While Ridley has showed glimpses of explosive potential, more often than not he has proved mediocre. Add in his fumble-itis, and it's been a maddeningly frustrating campaign for Ridley.
When the Patriots let Wes Welker head to Denver to team up with Peyton Manning, they hoped that Danny Amendola would be able to replace Welker's production. Amendola  missed time with injuries early in the season and though he posted big games against the Steelers, Dolphins and Bills, he failed to emerge as a consistent threat in the passing game. 
The Patriots hoped that Dont'a Hightower would be a dominant force on their defense, but after registering four sacks in his rookie campaign, Hightower has only one this year. 
Who gets your MVP and Biggest Disappointment awards?