Perillo: Amendola needs to have thick skin

Perillo: Amendola needs to have thick skin
September 5, 2013, 9:45 pm
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One topic of main intrigue for the Patriots this season will be the health of the recently acquired Danny Amendola. 

The former Rams wideout has already had issues with injuries in the preseason and has commented that he is not too fond of that constant string of questioning. 

This of course owes to the fact that Amendola missed plenty of games in his time in St. Louis. The 27-year-old has only participated in a total of 12 games in his previous two seasons with the Rams. 

So, is it fair for him to be frustrated with such nagging inquiries?

Paul Perillo of "Patriots Football Weekly" says the questions are warranted.

"You do have to have thick skin because that is going to be the knot until he can prove that he can hold up. You knew Wes [Welker] was going to play 16 games because that's what he always did," Perillo said. "I think he missed three games in his six years. So, we have to find out if Danny can do the same thing."

What is your take? Are these incessant injury questions fair? How many games will Amendola start in 2013?