Pats name an assistant strength coach


Pats name an assistant strength coach

By Tom E. Curran

The Patriots have named Moses Cabrera their assistant strength and conditioning coach. Cabrera fills the spot vacated by Harold Nash who was elevated to the position of head man after longtime strength coach Mike Woicik went to the Dallas Cowboys. Cabrera was at Fresno State working for Bill Belichick's buddy Pat Hill from 2004 to 2009. Cabrera was at Colorado last year. Given the current labor situation, this could be a very critical year for strength and conditioning coaches. While most players will stay in shape, some figure to let things get away from them without the team checking in. The teams whose players are best able to work independently and - upon returning to the NFL - perform effectively without training injuries will be setting themselves up for 2011 success.

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Belichick makes surprise address at NCAA lacrosse banquet

Belichick makes surprise address at NCAA lacrosse banquet

It's been well-established that Bill Belichick has a strong affinity for the sport of lacrosse. That the NCAA Division I men's and women's lacrosse Final Fours are taking place at Gillette Stadium this weekend means that the Patriots head coach has an opportunity to be around the highest level of college competition the sport has to offer. 

And he's taking full advantage. 

Not only did he meet with and speak to the Boston College women's team on Thursday, he's also met with the Ohio State men's team, and he took a few minutes to speak to all eight finalists at the Division I lacrosse banquet on Thursday night before the weekend of play got underway.

"I know that for us, fortunately, we've been to a lot of these games, and we've come out on the good side on some and not on the good side on others," Belichick said. "But just the experience, the competition of playing at this level and playing against this type of competition for what's at stake this weekend, it's just an awesome experience for you and your families."

Belichick explained that he had seen all eight teams play at one point or another this year, and he sounded like a fan of them all as he closed his remarks.

"It's really exciting to watch," he said. "You guys play with a lot of class, a lot of heart, a lot of toughness, and that's what I admire. Hopefully, we can play like that this coming year."