Pats have 'chance to do something about' doubts

Pats have 'chance to do something about' doubts
September 10, 2013, 12:15 pm
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FOXBORO – A narrow win Sunday against the rookie-led Bills. New offensive players to get used to and a fleet of injuries to deal with. Last year’s prime threats in Denver, the trainer’s room or jail.
The Patriots are navigating water that’s much rougher than they’ve been accustomed to and speculation whether they'll run aground is everywhere.
Hear it yet, Tom Brady?
“Coach (Belichick) talks about ignoring the noise,” Brady said Wednesday as the Patriots hurried preparations for the Jets continues. “I’m not really sure what’s out there. We’re 1-0. There’s 16 teams that are 0-1. We’re in as good a position as any other team. We have a lot of football left. There’s a lot of football between now and the end of the year so we’ll see how it plays itself out.”
There’s good reason to wonder about the Patriots’ fate right now. The offensive redo is going to take time and now injuries to Danny Amendola (groin), Shane Vereen (wrist), Aaron Dobson (hamstring) and Zach Sudfeld (hamstring) are complicating things.
After Week 3, the Patriots are going to play the Bengals, Falcons and Saints. They could be underdogs in three straight games. That probably hasn’t happened in a loooong time.  
Asked if forecasts of doom serve as fuel, Brady – who doesn’t miss a slight even if he is loathe to talk publicly about them – smiled.
“The great part is we have a chance to do something about it,” he pointed out. “So regardless of what people may say to us, or think, we have a chance to prove everybody wrong or right. That’s the great part about playing professional football. You have a chance every week to back up what you think. And one week never leads to another week. Just because you won last week, doesn’t mean you’re gonna win next week. Just because you played well one week doesn’t mean you’re not gonna play well the next week. I’ve been part of teams when we were 13-1 and Miami was the opposite, 2-11, and we went down there and got our butts kicked and then won the Super Bowl that year. Anything happens in any given week.”
The Patriots’ potency hasn’t been doubted very often since Brady’s been their quarterback. We’ll see Thursday whether the doubts were well-founded or not.