The Pats as Dogs


The Pats as Dogs

The Patriots will find themselves in an unfamiliar spot this Sunday night, and I'm not just referring to the city of Baltimore where New England's played only twice since 1996.

I mean that the Pats are underdogs, by three points to be exact.

According to's database, this will be only the 10th time in the last five years they've had a healthy Tom Brady (that means I skipped the 2008 season in favor of 2006) that the Patriots are underdogs in a regular season game.

Just for fun, here's how they did in the previous nine. (Unsurprisingly, all nine games were on the road):

November 13, 2011 (at N.Y. Jets): Final Line: Pats 2.5; Final Score: Pats 37, Jets 16

November 14, 2010 (at Pitt): Final Line: Pats 4.5; Final Score: Pats 39, Steelers 26

October 24, 2010 (at San Diego): Final Line: Pats 2.5; Final Score: Pats 23, Chargers 20

October 4, 2010 (at Miami): Final Line: Pats 1; Final Score: Pats 41, Dolphins 14

November 15, 2009 (at Indianapolis): Final Line: Pats 1; Final Score: Colts 35, Pats 34

November 30, 2009 (at New Orleans): Final Line: Pats 1; Final Score: Saints 38, Pats 17

December 31, 2006 (at Tennessee): Final Line: Pats 3.5; Final Score: Pats 40, Titans 23

December 24, 2006 (at Jacksonville): Final Line: Pats 3; Final Score: Pats 24, Jaguars 21

October 1, 2006 (at Cincinnati): Final Line: Pats 5.5; Final Score: Pats 38, Bengals 13

The final count? Over the last five seasons, Tom Brady's Pats are 7-2 straight up as underdogs, and 6-1-1 against the spread.

That leaves me with two questions for Vegas:

1. How about making New England an underdog a little more often?

2. I think Bernard Pollard owes one of you guys money. Can someone break his knee caps before Sunday night?

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Andrew Hawkins celebrates joining Patriots with 'Ballers' spoof

Andrew Hawkins celebrates joining Patriots with 'Ballers' spoof

Andrew Hawkins' situation isn't far off from a character in HBO's "Ballers." And he played into those connections with a video on Twitter.

The slot receiver, who signed with the Patriots on Wednesday, shares some similarities with the fictional football player Rickey Jerret, a veteran receiver who wades through interest from a number of teams, including New England, during free agency. Because of those similarities, Hawkins spoofed on a scene from "Ballers" where Jerret works out with Patriots receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. Hawkins imposes his face over Jerret's.