Pats D may be hurting, but not to Dolphins

Pats D may be hurting, but not to Dolphins
October 23, 2013, 8:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- Even with all the key injuries the Patriots are dealing with right now, the Miami Dolphins see one thing that they don't believe has changed much on Bill Belichick's defense.

And that's their presence in the red zone.

"They show some different looks down in the red zone," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said on conference call on Wednesday. "They mix in double coverage -- depending on who they're playing -- to different guys. And it can present some problems, with the way they line up. It's not a clear picture, as you see most weeks."

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin agrees.

"They don't give up a whole lot of points," he said. "That's the big thing. I think they have great flexibility, in regards to the fronts they present, probably more fronts, conceptually, than most teams you play. They'll have three, four people on the field, and then the next snap, they'll have the same people and they're playing a 4-3. And then they've got different combinations. They do a great job of putting their guys in position to be successful. One time they'll have six DBs, and they have five, they do an excellent job.

"Chandler Jones is coming into his own. I mean, [Rob] Ninkovich, [Brandon] Spikes, all those guys. They play a lot of young guys that are getting better and better every week."