Patriots release LB Edds, OL Mattes, DL Vallone

Patriots release LB Edds, OL Mattes, DL Vallone
August 19, 2013, 12:30 pm
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It is getting to that time of season where the NFL dreams of many aspiring young men are crushed into reality.

The Patriots released three players on Monday, letting go of linebacker A.J. Edds, offensive lineman R.J. Mattes and defensive lineman Scott Vallone.

None of these names are particularly surprising, but that doesn't make the roster cutdown portion of the NFL year any less depressing.

Edds, 25, was drafted by the Dolphins in the fourth round in 2010 and has bounced around to the Patriots to the Colts and back to the Patriots until he was relieved of his services Monday.

Mattes and Vallone were both undrafted rookie free agents. Both are 23 years old and were All-Conference starters in their senior season of college, Mattes second-team All-ACC and Vallone first-team All-Big East.

For these three men the dream has died for now. Expect much more of this to come from the Patriots and every other team in the league.