Patriots positional review: Quarterback roundup

Patriots positional review: Quarterback roundup
February 14, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Tom E. Curran continues his position-by-position analysis of the Patriots as we head into the offseason. Today: Quarterbacks. On Monday: Defensive line.

AGE: 36 (8/3/1977)
STATS: 628 attempts, 380 completions, 4,343 yards, 25 TDs, 11 INTs, 40 sacks taken
CONTRACT: Expires after 2017
2014 CAP HIT: $14.8M ($2M salary, $12M prorated bonus)
Of all the statistics listed above, the one that should stand out as representative of Brady’s value is the 11 interceptions. No matter how pissed off he got, no matter how many unfamiliar faces he had to throw to, no matter how many tight throws he had to make, he never went into “screw it…” mode and cost his team because of sheer panic. Of the 11 picks, three came in game-ending, do-or-die situations – Cincinnati, Carolina and Miami – where Brady was out of time and had to make a play. Mark this down. The end’s not near. Brady’s flexibility – his workout regimen these days barely involves any free weights, just resistance bands and plyometrics – and attention to conditioning and nutrition auger well for the immediate future.
AGE: 25 (6/5/1988)
STATS: none
CONTRACT: Expires after 2014
2014 CAP HIT: $937,945 ($776,976 salary, $160,969 prorated bonus)
The NFL world keeps spinning. Ryan Mallett keeps standing in place. Since Mallett was drafted in the third round in 2011, 27 other quarterbacks have joined the league. Mallett is still stuck in place behind the best quarterback of this (or maybe any) generation. If the Patriots want to use him as a trade chit, now’s the time to do it. Mallett’s entering the final season of his contract, Brady isn’t going anywhere and it's time for New England to import another developmental prospect. The Patriots would be best served (as would Mallett) making a deal, finding a veteran backup and drafting/signing a young guy to develop.