Patriots know how to rebound vs. Jets


Patriots know how to rebound vs. Jets

The Patriots host the Jets on Sunday, one week after suffering a pathetic loss in Seattle. This will mark the seventh time since New England's first Super Bowl season that theyve played their rivals in the week following a defeat, and if history's any indicator, Boston will be a much happier place this time next Wednesday.

Here's a quick look back:
Week 10, 2011: Coming off two straight losses (to the Steelers and Giants), the Pats host the Jets and runaway with a 37-16 blowout win.

Week 11, 2009: The week after Belichick's infamous "4th and 2" against the Colts, the Pats host the Jets again, and blow them out again. This time, 31-14.

Week 10, 2006: After 27-20 loss to Colts, the Pats came out stale, and didn't find the end zone until the 4:22 mark of the fourth quarter in a 17-14 loss.

Week 13, 2005: After 26-16 loss in Kansas City, the Pats came home and took care of business against Brooks Bollinger's Jets, to the tune of 16-3.

Week 16, 2004: After a ridiculous 29-28 loss to Dolphins on Monday Night Football, the Pats went down to the Meadowlands and shut down the Jets, 23-7.

Week 16, 2002: After 24-7 loss to Titans, the defending champs hosted the Jets . . . and lost 30-17.

So, that's six previous times they've faced the Jets in the week after a loss and they've posted a 4-2 record in those game (including 4-1 in their last five). Not bad, I say. I also this will have very little effect on Sunday's game. I doubt either team will let this history affect them, or will even realize that this history exists. Still, it's nice to know that the Pats have been here before, and have come out looking all right on the other end. Plus, it's immensely important to remind ourselves that there was a time when BROOKS BOLLINGER was a starting NFL quarterback.

Then again, not sure he's much worse than either of the guys New York might trot out on Sunday.

(In those six games, Tom Brady has averaged 260 yards a pop, with a total of eight touchdowns and two interceptions.)

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