Patriots, Bucs react to Brady injury

Patriots, Bucs react to Brady injury
August 14, 2013, 5:45 pm
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FOXBORO -- There is a spirit of cooperation in a joint practice. The session is competitive, but the coaches want to see the players from both teams working together. There is intensity, but the tackling, especially of quarterbacks, is not full bore.

The play Tom Brady got injured on was a fluke.

One hour and 18 minutes into practice, Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn bull rushed Patriots left tackle Nate Solder. Solder went toppling backwards and into his quarterbacks legs. Brady went down. He grabbed his left leg. Eventually, he walked gingerly to the sideline.

Though Brady returned to the field and the huddle, he only ran five more plays before retreating into the bubble with head trainer Jim Whalen. Whalen emerged about an hour later but the quarterback did not.

Here's what we know from what was said after the session ended.


Q: Bill Belichick talked about trying to avoid this very thing. How much do coaches emphasize trying to stay away from the quarterback?

AC: "You've always got to stay away from the quarterback, but you got a guy on his feet -- I mean, his heels -- my instinct is to keep going. And that's what I did."

Q: Can you tell us exactly what happened?

AC: "I bull rushed the tackle, and apparently he tripped on Brady, and fell on him. That's what I'm told."

Q: So when you say you bull rushed, you hit Nate Solder and….

AC: "Is this an interview or an interrogation?"

Q: When you say you bull rushed the tackle, you hit Nate Solder and pushed him back onto Brady? Is that what happened?

AC: "Apparently, yes. I plead the fifth."


Q: What happened on the play?

NS: "I don't know what happened. I'll have to see what happened on film."

Q: When you saw Tom went down, what went through your mine?

NS: "Any time someone goes down we worry about it. We'll see what happened. I don't know at this point."

Q: Did you get bull rushed then fell back on Tom?

NS: "There was a few different things that happened, so I'll have to see it."

Q: He played a few more reps. Did he say anything to you?

NS: "Nothing was said to me, no."

Q: When he was down, could you tell he was in some serious pain?

NS: "I couldn't tell anything."

Q: How did that change practice, aside from Tom just not playing?

NS: "You know what? Mallett came in and he did great. That was kind of the way things went."

Q: How quickly are you hoping to hear the news if he's OK?

NS: "We'll see here pretty soon. I don't' know exactly what they're going to say. But we'll see."

Q: Is there a feeling you let him down on the play?

NS: "We're always working to protect and everything. I'll have to see what happened on film. You know, I screwed some things up here and there and will work to improve it."


Q: A play like that obviously is not supposed to happen….

GS: "Bill and I, we tell our teams, let him throw the football. Rush the passer, but go by him, get around him. I can't tell you because I didn't see what happened, but I'll look at it on tape. I hope he's OK."


Q: What's it like to see an elite player like Brady go down?

"You don't want to see anybody go down, whether it's him or anybody else, but especially a player of his caliber. Out here, we're all just trying to get good work in. Nobody's trying to hurt anybody, so to see that… it's unfortunate. Hopefully he's alright."


"That's football, you know? Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. You continue to play; that's part of the game."

Q: How soon are you hoping to hear about how he's doing?

LB: "They'll let us know as soon as they can. Like I said, it's football. I didn't see the hit. I didn't see what happened. But I mean, I feel like we'll be all right.

Q: What was the feeling like on the sideline as you're watching him walk off?

LB: "I didn't see the hit. But if he walked off, I'm sure he's cool. I'm sure he's fine."

Q: What do coaches say about contact with the quarterbacks?

LB: "They make a big statement about it. They talk to us about it every day. There's always somebody that makes a mistake and runs into the quarterback. It's not on purpose, it's an accident. It's just guys practicing hard. They emphasize it a lot. But like I said, accidents happen. I'm sure it wasn't on purpose."