Patriot wideouts try to get free from The Glove

Patriot wideouts try to get free from The Glove
July 30, 2014, 11:45 am
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FOXBORO -- Apparently, the fellas are calling it “The Glove.” That’s when a defensive back blankets a wideout and removes him from a play entirely.

Never heard it before in football (everybody knows the OG -- Original Glove -- is Gary Payton), but I like it.

The Glove has been laid on Patriots wideouts throughout the first few days of practice. And not just by Darrelle Revis. Brandon Browner, Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler have all had particularly good days in tight coverage..

The wideout who’s had the best success getting free from The Glove is Julian Edelman. His combination of deception and short-burst explosiveness is the counter to the press coverage. But even he will admit he’s far from winning more than he loses.


“No,” said Edelman. “It’s helping you.

“You look at our defensive backs, you got a little bit of everything,” Edelman continued. “You got big guys, you got quick guys, you got long guys, you got guys that are ridiculously instinctive, you got guys with great feet, you got guys that can judge a ball in the air. It’s very good to go against a little bit of everyone because you’re just developing and practicing different techniques for each of those guys. There’s like five different types of corners you face in the NFL -- the tall guy, the quick guy, the strong guy. We have a little bit of all that and it’s helping us. It’s great work.”

On Tuesday, it was fascinating to watch Edelman try to shake Butler and Ryan in 1-on-1s with Edelman emptying a bucket of feints and subtle physicality to try and get loose.

By the time the 15-minute session was over, Edelman had gained about a draw. Others, like Danny Amendola, are having less success getting free.

It's the process, says Edelman.

“This is our spring training, This is the time we are fine-tuning our craft,” he pointed out. “Every rep counts. It’s football and there’s not that many practices until we’re strapping up against another team. Not that many practices until we’re playing a regular-season game. You want to bank all those reps so when they come up in the game, you can execute it.”

Next week, the Patriots will be in Richmond to workout against the 'Skins. For the receivers, it will be nice to see The Glove closing on somebody else.