One look at why Welker's not worth it


One look at why Welker's not worth it

Not everyone thinks Wes Welker deserves a big pay day.

New England has until July 16 to give the receiver an agreeable long-term contract. So far, the team has dug in its heels for some hardball.

Some football writers on the side of the bank, like analyst Bucky Brooks, have created lists of reasons why the Patriots shouldn't pony up for one of its most effective pass catchers in recent history.

As ordered by the author: Welker is not young; Welker's accomplishments must be viewed in the larger context of a successful Patriots offensive system (Brady); and finally, Welker is more a role player at slot than a true No. 1 receiver.

"He is a middle-of-the-field specialist who excels on short crossers and option routes," wrote Brooks. "His combination of quickness and precise route running is problematic for slot defenders, particularly nickelbacks who are traditionally the third-best corner on the roster.

"While Welker has become ultra-productive in his role, he certainly doesn't provide the kind of game-changing impact of Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald."

Agree or disagree, you can read the rest of the reasoning here.