No surprise: Brady outdoes Garoppolo

No surprise: Brady outdoes Garoppolo
June 18, 2014, 5:15 pm
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FOXBORO -- Wednesday at minicamp brought some extended work in the hurry-up for offense and defense. Not surprisingly, Tom Brady’s production was a lot better than Jimmy Garoppolo’s.

One Brady drive was capped by a terrific fade throw inside the 5 to Kenbrell Thompkins on the left side of the end zone. The completion beat XXL corner Brandon Browner and caused Brady to seek out Thompkins for a flying chest bump. Thompkins has gotten a ton of reps with the 1s because of the foot rehab Aaron Dobson is still going through. He’s put together some excellent reps heading into the pre-camp break.

When running the hurry-up, Garoppolo did a nice job finding the underneath receivers early but when he tried to throw anything beyond 10 yards, he often had a heartbeat’s hesitation that caused windows that existed to close. He had two picks on the same sojourn downfield on balls thrown late that were tipped and picked. Garoppolo loves to throw outside when he sees 1-on-1 coverage at this juncture. One of those throws was taken away by corner Daxton Swanson on an outstanding leaping play.

Duron Harmon, who I interviewed at length for this week’s Quick Slants (airing at 8 on Thursday), has taken virtually all the reps next to Devin McCourty at safety,

No better way to irritate Bill Belichick during a practice than going to the ground unnecessarily. On Wednesday, Belichick’s voice could be heard plaintively demanding, “Stay up!!!” on a couple of occasions. His fear is that a falling player then turns into a rolling danger for ankles and ACLs all around him.

No better way to irritate Bill Belichick after practice than to tell him he’s compelled to speak to the media. An assortment of Belichick’s Wednesday responses:

Is there a reason why Darrelle Revis wasn’t out there at practice today?

BB: All the players that are out there practicing are practicing and the ones that aren’t, aren’t.

Q: Anything particular to him though?

BB: There are a lot of guys that don’t practice today.

Q: Obviously with Ryan Mallett out, Jimmy Garoppolo has been able to get a lot of work out there. How beneficial have these two days been for him just getting some reps?

BB: He’s gotten a lot of reps, so he should be good.

Q: What have you learned about him in this first month that maybe you didn’t know before you drafted him?

BB: I don’t know. All the rookies have a long way to go.

Q: Are you impressed with where everybody is at this stage in the offseason?

BB: We have a long way to go. I don’t know.

Q: Any plans for team activities or to cancel practice tomorrow?

BB: Whatever we decide to do tomorrow, we’ll figure it out tomorrow.